Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press: The Big Blue

We like to think that we have something for everyone here at Blinds 2go, and that’s why you’ll find our products in a wide range of magazines and newspapers. Obviously we’re in the big interior design publications, but sometimes we see ourselves in something more general, like a popular tabloid. […]

Hot Off The Press: Conservatory Focus

Can you believe it’s almost the end of May already? And we know that many of you have spent the month doing up the house. Hooray for Bank Holidays! Anyway, now the inside is done and the garden is pruned, it’s time to enjoy that lovely space in between- the […]

Hot Off The Press: Perfect Night’s Sleep

What do you do to help you get to sleep in the summer? Open a window? Put the aircon on? Swap for a duvet with a smaller tog? But what about your windows? When the sun wakes at 5am, do you want to be waking too? Probably not. We want […]

Hot Off The Press: Bathroom Windows

As we find ourselves in more and more magazines, it makes it harder to write these intros as we run out of ways to say how humbled and honoured to be featured in such great publications. We’re pretty proud of ourselves too for becoming one of the go-to retailers for […]

Hot Off The Press: Lucy Gough

Blogs are the new magazines, right? We keep up on the latest happenings and ideas from our favourite bloggers, as since they’re people not publications, they feel a little more personal. That’s what we love about Lucy Gough’s blog. And as well as being personal, she has a whole wealth […]

Hot Off The Press: A Beginner’s Guide to DIY

We know how daunting DIY can be for the first-timer, that’s why we try to make all of our guides as easy as possible to follow. That means no super wordy instructions (after all, that’s just plain boring), and plenty of illustrations, because sometimes it’s just hard to visualise something […]

Hot Off The Press: Practically Perfect

Follow us on Instagram? Then you’ll know by now that we’ve stepped up our game and have been advertising in some of our favourite magazines, namely the home design ones. This month has been no different! Taking inspiration from our latest TV Advert, we decided to dedicate May’s issues to […]

Hot Off The Press: A New Start for The Glass House

First of all, a very happy New Year to one and all. We trust that you had a lovely festive period with friends and family. Today, we’re revisiting one of our favourite Hot Off The Press posts from last year, The Glass House. Incase you can’t remember (or missed it […]

Hot Off The Press: Chelsea Life

Today we have a pretty special treat to share with you. It’s our penultimate Hot Off The Press of the year, and it’s a special one. Not only do we have our latest advert, but it’s right next to our tips for choosing and caring for blinds. It’s a real […]

Hot Off The Press: A Flash From The Past

We have to admit that we do enjoy finding our gorgeous blinds in the nation’s hottest magazines month on month. In fact, we’re getting somewhat overwhelmed. And when you get to see them take pride of place in someone’s home, it’s even better! Sometime we get completely inundated with them that they fall […]