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Ideas, inspiration and handy hints to help you make your home a better place on a budget.

Let’s go coastal crazy!

Who doesn’t love a trip to the seaside? The beach, the sea, the amusement arcades… Usually accompanied by a traditional meal of fish and chips as well as a few cheeky sweet snacks throughout the day! Such wonderful memories are bought back when you think of those summer holidays… So […]

A Touch of Glamour

Summer is finally here (even if the weather doesn’t quite believe it yet) and it’s time to get outside and fall in love with your garden again. Whether you’re planning on sunbathing the weekends away or throwing a family barbecue to bring everyone together, we’ve discovered a great little way […]

The Key to Success

Are your keychains overloaded with keys? Is it getting harder to tell them apart after a long day? Do you keep fumbling at the front door? Same here! Key toppers can be a great way to avoid all the confusion but they can be a little costly so we’ve looked […]

Preloved Plantpots

It’s just the weather to start spending a little time in your garden so we’re bringing you some handy tips and tricks to get your back yard blossoming without spending hours traipsing round the local garden centre. Using pre loved containers, you can show the world you’ve got green fingers […]

DIY Disaster

Jake’s grandpa was an expert carpenter. Throughout all his years of making home improvements he had just a single rule: ‘measure twice, cut once’. Unfortunately, Jake inherited none of his grandpa’s aptitude for all things handy. However, he was willing and when he moved into his new apartment and his […]

Handy Household Hacks

If, like us, you love to spend your spare time coming up with creative, sometimes inspired (sometimes disastrous) DIY home improvements, then this is the blog post for you. As always we’ve been trawling through the internet looking for great ideas to pass on to you and this time we […]

Spring Cleaning 101: How to Organise your Jewellery

You know the story. You’re getting ready to go out and, having found the perfect outfit to go with the perfect pair of shoes, you remember that Aunt Sally gave you a pair of earrings that will finish off the look perfectly. You rummage through the box of tangled necklaces […]

Spring Cleaning 101: Squeegees for Pet Hair

Animal lovers everywhere will love our latest spring cleaning tip to help you spruce up your home for the new season. Having pets has many perks; companionship, fun and lots of love. It also has its downsides, walks in the rain (try a coat rack as a shoe stand), poop […]

Spring Cleaning 101: Shoe Storage

Spring has finally arrived and in true, traditional style it was marked with a Google doodle. Lots of things are associated with spring – chicks, lambs, flowers in bloom and giving your house a good old clean. We tried to look up the origins of spring cleaning; only to find […]

Blinds 2go Winter Warming Tips 5/5

For our final winter warming tip we’ve gone all traditional – a pair of thick and cosy curtains. Not only do they keep the warmth in and the cold out, you can use vibrant coloured fabrics to create a warm and comforting design scheme to match. The thicker the fabric […]