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October 12th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Loft conversions are a great way to create more space in your home – whether there’s enough room to turn it into a bedroom or just enough space to give the kids a cosy little hideaway, you’ll need to install a couple of windows to make sure that there’s still plenty of natural light getting in.

Depending on what type of window you choose to have put in will depend on which type of blind you’ll require so we’ve taken a look at the three most popular loft conversions and come up with a solution for each:

Dormer Windows


If your window is in a narrow alcove, it may limit the space that you have to fit and operate a blind.

Even though almost all of our blinds can be face-fitted or top fitted, there are some that will take up more space than others. The best blinds to use in this situation are –

  • Aluminium Venetian Blind with narrow 25mm wide slats, these blinds will only protrude from your window 30mm in total, making them one of the most compact blinds available. You can also get them in a wide array of colours to help add a little splash of vibrancy to your new conversion or blend in effortlessly with your new decor.
  • Pleated Blind compact and versatile, pleated blinds have so many benefits! The honeycomb pockets of the blinds themselves are extremely energy efficient, helping to trap escaping air and keep your room feeling warmer and cosier. You can also get them with an aluminium lining that gives you complete blackout protection.
  • Roman Blind add a touch of elegance and class to your loft space with gorgeous fabrics hanging at your windows. When fully assembled and fully raised, roman blinds only protrude 45mm away from the window itself and off excellent coverage, especially when paired with a thermal or blackout lining for added efficiency.

Rooflight Windows


Slanted loft windows can be a little harder to cater for – most blinds will require some sort of clips to hold them down so they don’t hang down from the ceiling and flap around.

Fabric blinds can also face issues, if they’re not rigid, they too will hang down or sag in the middle – not exactly a good look when you’ve just spent all that time redecorating!

Don’t give up just yet though – you can get blinds that have been pre-loaded into special cassettes, designed to fit perfectly in your slanted roof windows.











Most inverted windows are fitted with a code on them somewhere to dictate what size blind is needed – most of these blinds work by code rather than by measurement to make it easier to get the perfect fit.

With full blackout protection as well, these blinds are an ideal choice whether you choose to add an extra bedroom, a cosy office or even just a space for you and your family to chill out after a hard day at work or school.

Mansard Windows


Extremely similar to the Dormer windows, these windows often have more room for fittings, making it possible to fit larger types of blind at the windows, such as –

  • Vertical Blind if your windows are quite close together and you’d rather cover them with one, continuous blind, vertical blinds are your best bet.
  • Wooden Venetian Blind the blinds to choose for a traditional and classy effect, wooden venetians offer you exceptional light control and a choice of slat sizes and wood shades so you can create the perfect look in your loft.
  • Roller Blind bright, bold colours, linens, silks, embroidered fabrics and a choice of linings, roller blinds are the most versatile choice for your loft space.

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