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September 14th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Our blinds aren’t solely designed just to cover your windows – you can use them on your doors as well!

While most of our blinds are suitable to be fitted to your door frame, if you have a uPVC door, you may want to take a step back and think about which type of blind will be the best for you.

PerfectFIT Venetian Blinds For Doors

Designed to provide a perfect fit (just as the name suggests!) these aluminium Venetian Blinds are completely screw free – simply clipping in to the frame of the glass, using four to six brackets that simply slide between the glass panel and the beading of the door itself.

Providing you have at least 6mm clearance between the glass and any handles, hinges or other obstructions, these blinds could be the perfect solution for you – once fitted, they can be raised, lowered and tilted either way just like our standard venetian blinds.

Our range of standard aluminium Venetian Blinds also come colour-matched so you can fully coordinate the look throughout your home!

EasiFit Blinds For Doorsย 

With a similar concept to our PerfectFit range shown above, these pleated blinds are designed to simply cover the glass panel completely.

With a choice between our standard DuoLight range or the aluminium lined DuoShade range for additional blackout protection, these blinds are fitted in the same way as the PerfectFit blinds but without a frame around them.

The great benefit of these blinds is that they are completely free hanging against the glass, so you can raise them from the bottom, lower them from the top or leave them suspended in the middle depending on where the sun is.

Vertical Blinds For Doors

Don’t panic! You won’t need to screw these into your door frame either! All our vertical blinds have the option of being supplied with top-fixing brackets to attach to the underside of an alcove or the ceiling itself.

You can choose which side the blinds open to as well, meaning that you can avoid any obstructions in front of the door handles, allowing you much easier access.

If you’re covering a double door- like a patio or french doors, you can even split the stack down the middle so it will open to either side, letting you make quite the entrance!

So really, there is no need to despair – your uPVC doors can be catered for just as easily as your windows.

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47 thoughts on “Which Blind? – uPVC Doors

  1. This is a very common problem at all. They might be a little bit confused while choosing the blinds. This video is only for them. Thanks for sharing such an informative video.

  2. Hi I’m looking for blinds for my wooden summer house doors and windows that can be screwed into the frames. What can you recommend I like the look of the perfect fit Venetian blinds

    • As long as it’s a uPVC door, it’ll work. We’ve seen them fitted to all sorts of spaces, not just conservatories. If you’ve got any other questions, feel free to get in touch on 0800 8620464 ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have a WOODEN semi glazed back door and am looking for a blind that will cover the glazed top section, to help insulate it, us there anything that can do this out there?

    • Hi Gordon, for wooden doors, we’d suggest installing a curtain that hangs above the doorframe and in terms of insulation, many of our curtains have the added option of thermal lining too.

  4. What about sliding upvc doors? I bought easy fit which work perfectly but not for the door. My mistake but have you any recommendations?

    • Good Morning Jon. For sliding doors, we’d suggest vertical blinds. Even though they don’t fit into the glass, they’ll make sure you still get full control of the doors. Hope this helps.

  5. Hello, I have a upvc door in the living room. We have Roman blinds on all the other Windows in the room and so I would like to put one on this door so it matches the rest of the room. Can you suggest a way of fitting this? The door opens inwards. Thankyou

    • Hi there Sandra. I assume that the door isn’t floor to ceiling height and there’s sufficient spacing between the top of the door and the ceiling? With your doors opening inwards, we would suggest fitting the roman blind at a great enough height so that even when folded, they’re clear of the opening. This is generally around 30cm but it can vary depending on size and fabric. Hope this helps.

  6. I want to fit blinds to my new upvc Windows and door. I was thinking of easy fit – am I doing the right thing, not had upvc before and did not want to damage them in anyway? Please advise, thank you.

    • Hi Kevin, you can as long as you don’t mind drilling into the door. Food for thought- If you did go ahead and drill, should you ever want to change the blind you may be left with some unsightly holes. Our PerfectFIT and EasiFIT require no drilling, making these the best for the job. Hope this helps.

    • I have been attracted to the Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds for my new French Doors. I have not ordered them yet because I am hesitant about measuring the drop and width precisely enough.

      If I give measurements that are even 1 mm too big it seems to me that the Perfect Fit frames will not fit and I would have wasted my money. My logic says that I couldn’t get away with measurements that are too big but perhaps measurements that are maybe 1 or 2 mm too small would be OK. So, what is the degree of accuracy required in the dimensions that I must supply AND do the Perfect Fit frames have some sort of adjustment for width and drop?

    • Hi Michael

      We of course recommend being as accurate as you possibly can when measuring, but there is a small amount of tolerance in the way the blinds are made, so if you’re off by a couple of millimetres it shouldn’t be the end of the world.

  7. Hi – wonder if you can help. I have purchased your blinds for all the windows in my home except the front room using wooden blinds all my windows have a sill so the blinds are usually fitted into the recess. I would like to use wooden blinds again My front room window is a run of window, then a door, (with 2 glass panels one on top the other divided by approx 6 inch) then another window. Would wooden blinds work I can fit blinds into the recess of the 2 windows which are 88 cm wide by 183 cm drop. The glass on the door is 64cm wide the door drp itself is approx. 130cm. Should I fit one long blind on the door or 2 blinds on each glass panel. If I were to use vertical blind how would the stack be designed if they were one continuous run. If this were made in one length they would block the radiators under the windows

    • Hi there Evelyn. We’d love to help! We’re just having a little struggle to visualise your windows. Would you be able to email a picture of the space to our team and they can help to find the best solution? The email address is- help@blinds-2go.co.uk

  8. Hi, I was just wondering if it would be possible to have vision blinds, I have a wide window and at the side of the window I have a glass door which leads to the garden, I would like to fit them into the recess but was wondering about the door Handel would it get in the way of the blind,

    • Hi Alice, try giving our lovely team a call on 0800 862 0464. They’ll be able to talk you through all of your questions and find the best solution for you.

    • Hi Kari, sorry you’ve stumped us a little. We haven’t heard of any issues hanging them in the same room as a tumble dryer, what were your concerns?

  9. Hi
    I have french doors that open inwards & want vertical blinds to split draw but, will they catch on the door when it opens wide if they are fitted to the inner alcove? Or is there a device or fitting bracket that will hold them back without them being pushed back by the doors when opened.

    • Hi there Mandy, we don’t offer such devices I’m afraid. To avoid the louvres being pushed back by the doors, we’d suggest face fixing the blinds to the outside of the recessed area, leaving room on either side for the louvres to be stacked. Alternatively, have you seen our conservatory blinds? They fit to uPVC doors and windows, so no need to move them to open your doors. Hope this helps, here’s a link to the conservatory blinds if you did want to take a look – https://www.blinds-2go.co.uk/conservatory-blinds

  10. How would I fit a roller blind to a recessed inward opening wooden door. No space to fit above the door it has to be fitted to the back of the door.The door opens on to the recess when fully open. Also curtains are not suitable.

    • Hi there Barbara. We don’t recommend fitting a standard roller blind to the door itself as it can leave unsightly holes should you choose to remove it further down the line. If your door is uPVC though, our range of conservatory blinds are ideal! No drilling, no screws, and they fit nicely into the door. We have two options; EasiFIT and PerfectFIT blinds. Here’s a link to both- https://www.blinds-2go.co.uk/conservatory-blinds

  11. good afternoon,im very interested in the day/night illusion blinds for our kitchen but I don’t whether they can go on our uvpc back door,it is half glass so it would only need to cover the top half of the door.can you advise, I don’t want proper venetian blinds as have had them before. Not 100% sure about easi fit blinds as I would like the illusion of a venetian

    • Hi Charlotte, I’ve asked one of the team to drop you an email with some more information about your options. Hope this helps.

    • The PerfectFIT and EasiFIT both fit into the rubber seal of the uPVC doors and windows, which is not usually found on the aluminium versions. If you’re unsure, email a photo over to help@blinds-2go.co.uk and one of the team can take a look into this for you.

  12. Hi we have wooden framed bifold doors and looking for a screwfit version of the perfect fit blinds. Is there a such system?

  13. Can you give me more of an idea as to how the bi fold door blinds work please as in how do they pull down at different lengths and how do they fit the window?

  14. We have a new build with upvc patio doors and we are wanting to fit the perfect fit blinds but the doors don’t have a rubber bit will these still fit.

    • The best thing to do is to test it, really – if you give our customer service team a call on 0800 862 0464 we’ll be able to send over a sample bracket for you to see if you can slot it in, that’ll tell you whether you’ll be able to fit these blinds

  15. Hi i like the look of the easy fit blinds for my patio upvc doors, my beading is all plastic though and no rubber trim would these still work?

    • Hi Paul – there’s a likelihood that they won’t, but if you drop our customer service team a line then they’ll be more than happy to pop a couple of brackets in the post for you to test. Give us a call on 0800 862 0464 (option 1) ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I have upvc back doors with existing venetian blinds so they already have the brackets drilled into the doors. Do I need to get the same type of blind again or is there another type of blind where the top part will cover the old holes?

  17. Hi

    I’m trying to understand the difference between DuoShade PerfectFIT and EasiFIT, other than the price. Is there somewhere I can get more information on both please? They would be for living room french doors and windows.

    • Hi Christina; they share a lot in common, in that they’re both made from the same pleated materials and fit into the window in a similar way. The difference is that our PerfectFIT blinds have included with them a surrounding frame that contains the blind, whereas our EasiFIT blinds do not.

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