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September 14th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Our blinds aren’t solely designed just to cover your windows – you can use them on your doors as well!

While most of our blinds are suitable to be fitted to your door frame, if you have a uPVC door, you may want to take a step back and think about which type of blind will be the best for you.

PerfectFIT Venetian Blinds For Doors

Designed to provide a perfect fit (just as the name suggests!) these aluminium Venetian Blinds are completely screw free – simply clipping in to the frame of the glass, using four to six brackets that simply slide between the glass panel and the beading of the door itself.

Providing you have at least 6mm clearance between the glass and any handles, hinges or other obstructions, these blinds could be the perfect solution for you – once fitted, they can be raised, lowered and tilted either way just like our standard venetian blinds.

Our range of standard aluminium Venetian Blinds also come colour-matched so you can fully coordinate the look throughout your home!

EasiFit Blinds For Doors 

With a similar concept to our PerfectFit range shown above, these pleated blinds are designed to simply cover the glass panel completely.

With a choice between our standard DuoLight range or the aluminium lined DuoShade range for additional blackout protection, these blinds are fitted in the same way as the PerfectFit blinds but without a frame around them.

The great benefit of these blinds is that they are completely free hanging against the glass, so you can raise them from the bottom, lower them from the top or leave them suspended in the middle depending on where the sun is.

Vertical Blinds For Doors

Don’t panic! You won’t need to screw these into your door frame either! All our vertical blinds have the option of being supplied with top-fixing brackets to attach to the underside of an alcove or the ceiling itself.

You can choose which side the blinds open to as well, meaning that you can avoid any obstructions in front of the door handles, allowing you much easier access.

If you’re covering a double door- like a patio or french doors, you can even split the stack down the middle so it will open to either side, letting you make quite the entrance!

So really, there is no need to despair – your uPVC doors can be catered for just as easily as your windows.

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