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February 28th, 2016 in All About Blinds

We love to help you guys make the right choices for your home. Doors and big long windows can be tricky customers we know. We get loads of calls asking which blinds are best.

Well, we always give out the same advice and it seems you guys are listening. Yay!

So here are our suggestions to create stunning entrances (or exits) in your home. And happily, we can illustrate the point with pics that you guys have sent in. We love to see our blinds in your homes and this is a great excuse to show a few off.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are by far the most popular option for a large window or door. They hang vertically (duh!) so they cater for height perfectly. Plus you can choose to split the blind in the middle so it opens like a curtain or from the side like a regular blind. That leaves you with loads of options. They’re also great at filtering the light, just twist the old rod and say hello to privacy! Plus they come in every colour imaginable so pick a scheme and away you go!

PerfectFIT and EasiFIT


These clever little blinds sit in our conservatory section but they’ll fit in any uPVC window or door with a rubber bead. And when we say fit, boy do they fit! They clip into your frame so there are no gaps anywhere and not a drill in sight. Trust us, it’s dead simple. The blind itself is an aluminium venetian so you get loads of light control, hundreds of colours and they’ll last forever. They wipe clean with a wet sponge too. Simple.

Roman Blinds


Most of our roman blinds come with maximum sizes of 240x240cm which makes for some pretty big blinds. However, as with roller blinds, sometimes have a single one covering the entire width and drop of the door can look a little… odd. However, when you break it up into smaller panels, you start to create a superb cosy scene.


If all else fails or you just love the look of a luscious pair of curtains draping at your doors, these are a great choice for covering large spaces. I mean, let’s face it your only limitations are the size of the fabric and rolls of fabric are generally massive. They’re also beautiful. So beautiful we’ve got a whole site dedicated to them.

So there you have it, loads of solutions. And if you can’t find the one you like, measure up and then take a browse round the site, see if you can find something that fits. All the maximum sizes are there along with the rest of the finer details. We’re helpful like that.

And don’t you just love our customers’ homes. We love to see your blinds so feel free to send us yours.

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