Are darker or lighter colours better for blackout blinds?

September 17th, 2009 in All About Blinds

Blackout blinds are one of our best selling ranges but are also the type of blind that we get quite a few questions about.

The most common question is:

are darker or lighter colours better for blackout blinds?

It is an easy question for us as all of our blackout blinds feature a special lightproof coating on the rear of the blind, this prevents the light passing through the fabric. It is the coating that gives the blackout not the actual fabric.

Some “blackout” blinds being sold elsewhere are just a thicker fabric but in our opinion they are not a true blackout. For that extra bit of quality all our blackout blinds feature the rear coating the same colour as the fabric itself, again elsewhere blackout blinds are sold with a white coating regardless of fabric colour white is not something that we feel is appropriate.

So simply the answer is….no it doesn’t matter what colour blackout blind you choose as long as you choose good quality!

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