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February 22nd, 2017 in All About Blinds

Somehow life keeps on getting busier and busier, even with all of the new technologies designed to take the hassle of the everyday. This is not bad news for interior designers, architects and renovation firms though. In fact they’re thriving! Just look at the rise of property shows such as The Great Interior Design Challenge. We’re becoming more home conscious, and want great interior design more than ever.

The beauty of interior designers et al. is that they help us push the boundaries, make us more daring with colour and pattern and even manage to make the simple look stunning. And we’ve seen more companies (and sole traders) tagging Blinds 2go in their tweets, instagram photos, and blog posts. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most recent features…


Without a doubt, Vorbild‘s renovation of Portland Place apartment shocked us, but in the best way possible. And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt about Michael, the man behind the company, is that he knows how to take the most simplistic of thing and make it so stunning it’ll knock your socks off!

Portland Place Apartment
Photo by Vorbild Architecture – Portland Place Apartment Project

He’s dressed the entire apartment in a whole lot of our Notions roller blinds, and truth be told we’ve never seen them as a luxurious choice. But boy did Michael prove us wrong. He’s even layered two in the same window for a very trendy and sophisticated look.
They look absolutely gorgeous for one of our lowest prices roller blinds, wouldn’t you say?

Portland Place Apartment
Photo by Vorbild Architecture – Portland Place Apartment Project

Top Tip: Cheap in price doesn’t mean cheap in look.

Battersea Builders

We spend a lot of time sourcing great patterns, and this includes working closely with the best designers that the UK has to offer. Now we know that many people will love the look of a funky pattern, order samples and then bottle it. White blind; added to basket. But people like Battersea Builders are showing us how to work something with a bit more pizzazz to a scheme.

This Sula roller blind injects a great feeling of fun and energy into the kitchen, and you can’t help but smile.

Top Tip: Be a little braver. Choosing a colourful design gives you a whole host of accent colours to play with, plus who doesn’t want positive energy in their home?

Briony Branson

Briony is a one-(wo)man-band serial renovator, and is so into doing up homes that she’s been taking part in Channel 5’s new show ‘Climbing The Property Ladder‘. The one that caught our eye was a lovely Victorian build, that she remodeled into a contemporary home, whilst staying sympathetic to the history of the property. And she nailed the luxe look!

The bordered roman blinds help to tie together the soft colour palette of the home, whilst their classical style keeps in with the choice of the furniture.

We hope to see more great things from Briony, and if you fancy taking a look at what she’s been up to, her episode in on TV next Wednesday (1st March 2017) at 9pm!

Top Tip: Think about the age of the house. Different periods have different features that are great to show off, such as this lovely bay window.

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