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Shutter Blinds – a Must-Have for Christmas!

If timeless style and endless practicality are your go-to’s when looking for window dressings, we strongly recommend checking out our made-to-measure Shutter Blinds collection. Made of waterproof polymer imitating wood, they’re durable and virtually indestructible. And if ordered now, they’ll arrive in time for Christmas! 

Mayfair Warm White Shutter Blinds

Shutters offer more than great looks. Like any other window coverings, they help control the light, prevent heat loss and help keep your room private.

Overall, shutters make a striking feature and enhance your home aesthetics. 

Timeless look 

Originating from Ancient Greece, Shutter Blinds are the oldest window dressing we know and keep loving in our homes across the centuries. A timeless feature of many modern homes, they match any decor seamlessly. Interior styles and trends change quickly, but the timelessness of shutters never goes out of fashion. 

San Jose Premium Medici Ivory Shutter Blinds


Made of quality advanced polymer, our Shutter Blinds are virtually indestructible, and we mean it! Dust, water, UV rays and cold – our Shutters stand the test of these conditions. Made-to-measure to fit your window perfectly, they will operate smoothly at every open and close. 

San Jose Premium French Grey Shutter Blinds

Easy maintenance 

Shutters are extremely easy to clean. Just regularly dust them with a cloth, dust brush or soft hoover attachment and they’ll look sharp for years to come. You can also wipe clean with gentle soap and lukewarm water to remove any stains or debris. Use a soft sponge or an old sock! Just pop it on your hand, dip it in water and gently clean the slats of your Shutter Blinds, one after another. 

San Jose Brilliant White Shutter Blinds

A long-term investment that can stand the test of time if cared for properly, our durable Shutter Blinds in classic colourway will improve the outlook of any home. They are timeless and never go out of style.