Author: Mark

Two of a Kind – Matching Roof and Roller Blinds

If you’ve taken a look at the Children’s Blinds section on the website recently, you may have noticed that it’s grown into a bright and beautiful range (not that it wasn’t already). One of the biggest additions we made, was to the roller blinds collection. We took our best-selling roof blind […]

Feeling the Love : Reviews

Every now and again we like to take a look at what our customers are saying about us through independent review sites such as trustpilot to find out some of the reasons why they love us so much (and of course to find out about any areas that we can […]

Discover the wonderful new world of Curtains 2go…

If you’ve wandered over to Curtains 2go recently, you may have noticed it’s gone through a few changes. Don’t worry though, it’s all for the better. And to put your mind at ease, we’ve rounded up all the information you need as to what has changed, and what’s stayed exactly […]

Your Guide to Designer Blinds

Who doesn’t love a bit of designer in their life? A nice watch, a new handbag or an exorbitantly priced pair of shoes. There’s nothing wrong with introducing a bit of glamour into your life, after all designer brands tend to do it best! The only thing that can be […]

How to Fit Roof Blinds in Under 3 Minutes

We know how tight space can be when you’re trying to fit blinds to your roof windows. So we found the simplest solution and not only put it into a super easy to follow guide but made it into a simple video too. So whether you’re a reader or a watcher, installing […]

Easiest Ways to Improve Your Home [Spring Tips Part 6]

I’m sure we’ve all had our fair share of DIY nightmares. Ever tried to screw a picture frame onto plasterboard only to watch the whole wall come crashing down? Maybe your own experiences are less dramatic but it’s fair to say, sometimes we shy away from doing it ourselves for […]

The Easiest Way To More Shut Eye [Spring Tips Part 5]

Life is full of ups and downs. Remember the other week when we lost an hour’s sleep? That was bad. But the upside was we get lighter nights and loads more sunshine! Then again, early morning squinting and even less sleep. Boo. We know how horrible it is to be […]

7 Reasons Why Cordless DuoShade Are The Ultimate Children’s Blind

Are you the kind of parent that freaks out at every slip, trip and fall your little one makes? Someone who has gone to absolutely all lengths to childproof the home? Rounded table corners, cupboard locks, almost all of your belongings moved at least two metres off the ground? Well, […]

Happy Anniversary Curtains 2go!

This week celebrates the anniversary of Curtains 2go getting it’s own website, I know, innovative name, right? Whilst it may not be as impressive as say launching Blinds 2go, it marks an important milestone in the history of the company. So why did Curtains 2go get its own website? […]

Refresh Your Home for Spring with Tips & Ideas [Part 4]

Winter is gone and spring is now in full swing. The bleating of little lambs, waddling ducklings and hoards of daffodils brightening the parks up. And with everything else fresh and new, we reckon it means it’s the perfect time to refresh our homes too. Refresh your entire home, room […]