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February 1st, 2017 in All About Blinds

What’ your favourite room in the home? The lounge is a space for entertaining, a space for relaxing and most importantly a space to show off your personal side. Whilst the kitchen and bathroom may be the most used, and certainly need to be the most practical, the lounge gives you freedom to design to your heart’s content. That’s why it’s our favourite, and sometimes can feel like the hardest to decorate.

After all, it’s the one room most of your guests will enter!

So we’ve picked a few of our favourite customer snaps, so you can feel inspired by design, colour and texture…

Light and Fresh

Light and fresh doesn’t have to mean crisp white walls, stripped back flooring or bare windows. It doesn’t even mean minimalistic. Instead it’s about balance and contrast. The indigo sofa against copper here in Liberty Cottage is striking, while the peach walls from Bianca’s home and mountains of pattern are offset with blinds that let the light flood in and plenty of reflective surfaces.

In a big space, you need to keep the eyes moving and the mind interested, so a room such as this really works.

Cosy and Serene

You could say that this style lends itself well to the Scandi trend, full of minimalism, straight lines and a very pared back colour palette. Layering neutrals through textures add warmth to a bare scheme, whilst a subtle pattern adds visual interest too. Opt for multiple lighting points, such as lamps, candles, lanterns etc for a soft glow that works with the textures.

Mid Century Modern

The last few years have been about the simple palettes of white, grey (or greige) and soft neutrals, but we’re starting to see a turn to colour. Gone are the rules that dark colours should be limited to the larger, south facing rooms, and boy are we embracing the new colour confidence.

The same is to be said with pattern. There’s subtle patterns than blend seamlessly with the wall colour or show off pieces that make a real statement.

Still struggling to pick one design style? Thankfully our customer’s are great at sending us photos, so we’re never in short supply of inspiration. Follow us on Instagram, search #Blinds2go or flick through our photo album on Facebook.

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