Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

March 14th, 2016 in All About Blinds

It’s International Ask A Question Day and since we’re asked plenty of questions every single day, we’ve complied a few of your most frequently asked, and answered them.

I’ve placed an order and just realised I’ve measured wrong. Can I change the sizes?

Believe it or not, this is one of our most asked questions. With most orders, there’s a 4 hour buffer zone between placing an order and it going into production. This is to allow for exactly this.

If you realised your error within the 4 hours, you can either ring our customer care team and they’ll get it sorted for you asap. Or log into the order using the button on the confirmation email and hold the order. Our team will give you a call as soon as they can.

Don’t worry if you’re out of the 4 hours though. Give us a call and where possible, we’ll get in touch with production to see what can be done.

Do you offer a fitting service?

In short, no. Other companies claim to offer free fitting in their services, but in reality add the cost to the blinds. To keep our costs low to everyone, we don’t bother with the in-home services. It’s the same reason why we don’t have shops on the high-street too.

Plus, we make sure that our blinds are easy to install and come with clear instructions for you to follow.

I ordered a sample but can’t find the blind on the website anymore. Why is this?

There’s two reasons to this. The first is that we’ve simply ran out of stock. Most of the time, we’ll have a rough estimate of when we’ll get more fabric in, which our customer care team will happily share with you.

The other times, it’s because we’ve had to discontinue it for one reason or another. We’re having a collection refresh so have to get rid of our less popular designs to make way for shiny new ones. Or we’re having trouble with a certain fabric and we’d hate to not be able make your blinds to our high standards. And finally, it could be that it’s just not available anymore.

If there’s a fabric you love the look of but can’t find it anymore, get in touch. If we can’t restock it, we will always try and offer an alternative, and can even get more samples sent out to you.

Ask your Questions

Don’t forget, if there’s any questions you need answering, there’s multiple ways to get in touch…

Either give us a call on 0800 8620464, email or send us a message on Facebook.

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58 thoughts on “Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

  1. Will you be getting Rockhampton Espresso fabric again? I’ve got some blinds made with this but now need some curtains to match. If not can you let me know who the fabric is made by so I can hunt it down! Many thanks

    • Hi Fiona – we removed that one from our collection a couple of years ago, but it’s still available to order. Just give our friendly customer service team a call to place your order.

  2. Hi,

    I have recently received my order for wooden blinds, fitted them very easily, and they look great in my bay window. However I have left over from the fitting kit a number of clear plastic profiled pieces and nowhere in the instructions is there a reference to them. Please advise?

    • Hi Aivars, if you forward a photo of the part in question to our customer service team ( then they should be able to let you know what it is

    • Not unfortunately Gemma, sorry, but we can still help. We’ll be able to significantly discount the price of replacements for you to help with the cost of rectifying this, just give our customer service team a call on 0800 862 0464 (option 2) and we’ll go through it with you.

    • Hi can you buy one blind piece separately? Just had lovely ones fitted but just thinking in case of accidents!

    • Hi, the only type of blinds we can do this for are our vertical blinds, so if those are what you’re enquiring about then get in touch with our sales team and we’ll be happy to help.

  3. Hi, i have just seen the comment above from Mark to Gemma Dec 2nd 2019. i too have measured my blinds wrong, hilariously so, i missed a ‘0’ off my measurements and after putting up the rail, unravalled a 67cm set of blinds for my large conservatory window.. I immediately placed a replacement order at full price but have just seen i could have been discounted? can i cancel my order and replace to receiev a discount?

    secondly, my 3 x tracks were ok, could i have ordered replacement vertical blinds only?


    • Hi James, I can see that you spoke to our customer service team regarding this and that the refund of 50% is pending for you. For future reference, you can indeed order just the fabric slats, but the order would have to be placed over the phone as the option’s not available on the website.

  4. In 2017 I bought some roman blinds and roller blinds in melody party red and choices melody party red fabric. I would like to buy some more blinds in the same fabric for other windows in the same room, but I see the fabric is no longer available on blinds 2go. Please could you find out for me if you have any remaining stock of this fabric, or is there any possibility that you could do a one off order of blinds in this fabric. If not, please can you tell me the manufacturer name and style name/code for this fabric so I can try and source it elsewhere (or was the fabric discontinued by the supplier). Thank you.

  5. Good evening. I currently have Roman blinds fitted and have just ordered matching Curtains for our French windows.
    My wife would like a window seat made out of the same fabric. Are you able to supply fabric only for me to make a window seat from?

    • Hi Rich, I’m sorry for the late response, but yes, for the fabric you ordered we’ll be able to sell the fabric on its own for you. If you pop us an email, or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, then we’ll get back to you ASAP.

  6. Hi, I am very happy with our PerfectFIT blinds. Would it be possible to order only the blind itself without the frame? Thinking of experimenting with the fabric on that same window. Thanks!

    • Hi Alexandra, thanks for your message – sadly we’re only able to sell these blinds as a whole unit as the top and bottom bars are integral .

    • Hi Amanda! We usually advise to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to keep fabric blinds looking fresh. If you do need to remove any marks or anything then a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will usually do the trick

    • Evening
      I reviewed my blind over 2 weeks ago now but due to lock down haven’t been able to get anyone to agree to come and fit them.
      A guy can today and he doesn’t think the depth of the recess is deep enough
      Can I get a refund even though it’s over the 7 days

    • Hi Zoe, sorry to hear you’re having problems, but I’m afraid we aren’t able to offer refunds on made-to-measure products. If you contact our support team we’ll be more than happy to see what we’re able to do to help.

  7. I’ve just got my blackout blind and I’ve realised on the measurement I pressed recess and they cut a whole 3cm off the width and now the blind is not working as a blackout blind what so ever you can see the gaps at the side of my windows really bad what can I do about this?

  8. Hi I had some curtains from you earlier this year and wondered if I could have some cushion covers made in the same material – (Washington Crimson)?

  9. Is it possible to order a PerfectFIT Blind bracket/clip to make sure they will fit in my patio doors before I place an order?

    • Hi Dave, certainly, just get in touch with our customer service team and we’ll make arrangements to send out some sample parts for you.

  10. Hi, how big is the top bracket on your 50mm faux wood blinds? My windows open inside so didn’t want the window to get caught on it.

    • Hi Sam, if you get in touch with our customer service team and provide some details and measurements we’ll be able to help figure this out with you.

  11. I have just received my blind and unfortunately the size I gave didn’t take into account the brackets either side so it doesn’t fit. Is there any way to return to get this altered? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Katherine, sorry to be bearing bad news but unfortunately we can’t offer any alteration services. Get in touch with our customer services team to discuss the issue and we’ll figure out the best way forward for you.

    • Hi David, the design of the parts involved can vary so the best thing to do would be to get in touch with our customer service team and provide some details (name, postcode, email address) that would help us to find your order, then we can advise in more detail.

    • Hi Jayesh, this can be really easy or super tricky, depending on what type of blind you have. If you get in touch with our customer service team and provide some order details then we’ll be able to provide some advice.

  12. Hello,
    I just ordered some roman blinds after speaking to your helpful customer service team and I did want to have pom pom trim from the Dupioni Faux Silk Platinum & Mineral added to my order of Cavendish Mist.
    Unfortunately this wasn’t possible.
    However after reading some of these Blog comments it looks like some customers were able to order additional fabric for their interiors so I wondered can I buy the trim seperately from the supplier direct??
    Kind regards

    • Hi Tansy, I’ve just emailed over a quote for some decorative trim at the widths you provided on your original order, so if you’d like to go ahead and order that then just get in touch with our customer service team with the quote details to hand and we can pop that through for you.

    • Hi Louise, yes indeed you can. All of our PerfectFIT blinds raise up from the bottom if you need to expose the glass – Venetian PerfectFIT blinds raise up from the bottom and also use a control wand to tilt the slats open and closed, whereas Pleated PerfectFIT blinds can be raised up from the bottom and simultaneously lowered from the top (we call them ‘floating’ blinds).

  13. Hi, I’ve ordered perfect fit blinds (love them) but unfortunately I’ve gonna ordered the wrong frame colour on two of my window is there anyway I can order just the frame from you

  14. Hi, we ordered 3 sets of perfect fit blinds but unfortunately we ordered the wrong frame colour on two sets. Is there anyway I can order just the frame from you or have them replaced?
    Additionally, the set that we ordered with the correct frame colour, one does not sit flush against the door. Can you suggest a potential fix?

    • Hi Donald, depending on the type of PerfectFit blind you have it’s likely we won’t be able to change the frame for you I’m afraid, but we might be able to help with the other matter. If you get in touch with our customer service team we’ll be able to discuss the details with you and see what we can do.

  15. When ordering vertical blinds, for the control, is the left/right option as the bind sits in the window so therefore looking from the outside in or as you look at it from the inside out.

  16. Hi I ordered a vertical blind on the 2/2/2021. It was due to be delivered today however I’ve only received the track. No slats, weights etc. I’ve emailed serveral times, tried the phone but office is closed. Could someone please get back to me and/or give me a ring to explain what’s happened. The tracking says there was only one parcel..

    • Hi Linda, I’m sorry to hear part of your order is missing, I’ve passed your message onto the customer service team and someone will be in touch within 48 hours. Thank you

  17. I’ve just realised I’ve ordered a roller blind with the control at the wrong end. How easy is it to swap the ends over once it arrives?

    • Hi Ian, not to worry it’s really easy – the fitting guide we emailed to you contains information on swapping the controls over if you need to, so take a look at that for details.

  18. So disappointed third order received outside recess shutters ordered but no where does it show you need depth in recess so they are totally useless what do I do?

    • Hi Stella, sorry to hear you’re disappointed with your order. Please get in touch with our customer service team and they’ll be able to help.

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