You say fuchsia, we say fuschia (roller blind)

August 11th, 2010 in All About Blinds

We do like our ‘discussions’ in the Blinds 2go office and this one went on and on and on! And what’s more I lost! (But did win the right to air my grievance on the blog!)

We have a lovely new stripey blind called Henley Fuschia, for the horticultural among you may notice the mistake, we’ve spelt fuchsia wrong. The debate centred around whether we should spell it correctly (me) or ‘differently’ (i.e. wrong). Well as you can see we’ve spelt it wrong, despite there being 9.2 million google hits for fuchsia and a paltry 2 million for fuschia. And you’d think that the  The British Fuchsia Society would know how to spell fuchsia wouldn’t you?

For those of you who do care about the English language here’s a couple of spelling tips from the Oxford Dictionary (always my first port of call when we’re having a ‘discussion’).

fu chs ia is a c olourful h orticultural s hrub.

Remember that fuchsia has -chs- in the middle, the flower is named after the German botanist Leonhard Fuchs.

Here’s the lovely, if controversial blind with some lovely fuchsias too.

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One thought on “You say fuchsia, we say fuschia (roller blind)

  1. I have a room which I’m doing a bit of remodeling right now. The room is all neutral colors like besieges, grays and white so I was looking for a more dominant color to add to my room to make it look more colorful.

    I guess this blinds will be perfect for my room, It has all the neutral colors I already have in my room plus the added fuchsia or fuchia, whatever!

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