Window blinds to shade & cool a room

March 30th, 2012 in All About Blinds

This sunny warm spell may have you wondering just what to do to keep your room cool and shady. Wonder no more, here at Blinds 2go we have various blinds that will help keep the sun at bay and keep your room comfortable. Here’s a quick tour around the choices:

  • Voile roller blinds – these shade the room and allow a view through to the outside. The roller blinds are easy to lower and raise and offer a minimalist look. Voile roller blinds are available in a range of colours and different patterns.
  • Magic Screen roller blinds – the special polyscreen fabric features a woven basket structure that allows a view to the outside but doesn’t allow a view in, perfect for shading a room and ensuring daytime privacy too. These blinds will also reduce UV glare on computer and television screens.
  • Duolight pleated blinds – these blinds diffuse the light and give a beautiful glow at the window, they’re also thermal.

All three choices will do a great job at cooling your room, just decide which will best suit your room and requirements. We also offer a next day free sample service, perfect for helping you to select the right blinds for your space.

All Blinds 2go roller blinds are made to measure and will fit your window like a dream.



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2 thoughts on “Window blinds to shade & cool a room

  1. We are thinking about getting roller blind which are a replacement to net curtains. But shopping on line is rather difficult.please can you advise ? I am wanting something that let’s as much light in as possible but just shades out passerbys…net roller blinds were suggested but without seeing or feeling the fabric I’m just not sure. Can you send samples of white or off white fabrics which you use for net roller blind?
    Kind regards,

    • Hi Rosa. I have asked our Customer Services Manager to contact you directly regarding voiles and nets, for our other customers who may be interested Ian’s reply was as follows.

      We have a few options for you. The first would be some of our roller blinds, namely the Magic Screens and the Serenity Voiles. These both use fabrics in a variety of colours and designs that all allow privacy while maximising the amount of light that comes through and lets you see out during the day. The majority of our customers who are looking to replace net curtains with something a bit more current do opt for these.

      The second type of blind that might be of interest to you are the voile roman blinds, the fabric works in the same way and offers the same properties as the roller blinds but it is a lot softer and folds up rather than rolling. This means that it is more decorative when the blind is raised and also has the added detail of the horizontal rods that hold the folds in place, these really make a difference on large windows as they break up what would otherwise be a big sheet of fabric hanging at the window.

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