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February 23rd, 2010 in Trends

How can you not love a website with a name like to ‘To dry for’? ‘To dry for’ keep it deadly simple and just sell amazing tea towels. Funky, retro, vintage, pastel or bright there’s a tea towel for every kitchen and everyone.  Great descriptions of their towels too, you can’t go wrong.

Beetroot is a truly wonderful British vegetable; gnarly on the outside and incredibly beautiful on the inside. Apparently, Romans believed it to be an aphrodisiac, and sometimes (if you eat a lot of it) you may have pink side effects as it passes harmlessly through your digestive system! Hoorah for this beetroot tea towel.

Hey Suckas! Get your bad selves this Mr Tea Towel (also available in pink) and you’ll be welding together a speedboat in your kitchen from tin foil and tea spoons before you know it! I ain’t doin’ no dishes fool!

Give Me SunshineMr Tea Towel

BeetrootKensal Green

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