Style race :: Voile roller blinds beats net curtains hands down

July 30th, 2009 in All About Blinds

We have a fabulous new product range, the Serenity voile roller blind. The delicate, sheer nature of the open weave fabric, brings an understated elegance to any window. The soft light filtering through the blind creates a simple yet stunning effect.

These blinds are such a versatile solution in situations where both light and privacy are required. Where privacy is an issue these blinds are perfect, for example, on a window next to the street or an over-looked bedroom. With a quick adjustment of the cord the blind can be lowered or raised, giving complete flexibility. We think that these are going to be so popular.

Cloud white voile roller blind

Cloud white serenity roller blindCloud white serenity roller blindCloud white serenity roller blind

Ecru voile roller blind

Ecru serenity voile roller blindSerenity Ecru Voile Roller BlindEcru s erenity voile roller blind

Apart from the voiles being a fabulous and innovative new product there is another reason we are so pleased with this blind. It’s the perfect weapon in our campaign against net curtains!

In our humble opinion net curtains are up there with patterned carpet, stick on tile transfers and draylon. There is just no excuse! A survey by NIG, the insurance company found that two thirds of those surveyed said they did not have net curtains “because they did not like them”, while nearly half – 47 per cent – considered them terminally unfashionable.

Quick cover your eyes! We’re sorry we had to show you this….

Net Curtain Street

Our voile roller blinds are a stylish alternative to net curtains. Just like a net you will be able to see through the blind to the outside but they also effectively distort the view to the inside. Naturally they will still let the light filter through. The voile blind will give a streamlined modern look to any window. No more excuses, go on ditch the nets!

Order your blind sample today and have it in your hand tomorrow. Just click here.

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21 thoughts on “Style race :: Voile roller blinds beats net curtains hands down

  1. Ishould be most grateful if you would send samples of your white and ecru voile roller blind fabric to me at:

    65 Flask Walk
    London NW3 1EY

    Many thanks

    • Hi Lesley. Our Serenity Voile blinds have a max width of 2400mm and max drop of 3000mm. Some fabrics in the range will be slightly smaller, you can check particular fabrics by clicking on the ‘Product details’ tab within each product. We have just launched ‘Magic Screen’ roller blinds which have a max width 2500mm and max drop of 2500mm. If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
      Best regards, Anna

  2. Could you place one of your voile blinds under a roman blind, with the voile giving privacy during the day and the roman coverage at night? Or do you recommend standard curtains with your voile blinds?
    Please send samples of the voile – email me for address

    • Hi Caroline. One of our customer service team has replied to you and I hope it’s helped you decide. If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Anna

    • Hi Sue

      Thank you for your enquiry. Most of the voile roller blinds are made from polyester fabric which is quite robust. Occasionally ‘spot cleaning’ the blind should do it no harm. I have spoken to our customer services team and they recommend a damp sponge or cloth. Their top tip was using a baby wipe!

      I hope this helps and if you want further advice our customer services team are always on hand to answer any queries. Call Free phone 0800 862 0464.

      Best regards


  3. Hi, I was wondering the same question as above, on whether you can layer the voile roller behind a romantic blind. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  4. Hi Jessica,
    Very easy to do if you have a recessed window. The voile roller fitted inside the recess will give you the freedom to fit another window dressing on the outside of the recess.

    • Hi there Deborah. After a thorough search, it appears that we only have vertical blinds that we can make to those sizes. Have you considered breaking up the window with two or three smaller blinds? You’ll soon find that your options are so much more. If you’d like anymore advice, we’re always more than happy to help at 0800 8620464.

  5. Hello, I have recently purchased a static caravan which has horrible bet curtains throughout. I need something up for privacy and security. Will you do blinds for this width. Also, do you make them into Roman blinds for a softer look.

  6. Hello,
    I recently received a sample for a Roman blind called seaboard portland but I cant find it now on your website .could you please tell me if it’s still available.

    • Hi there Christine. I’ve had a look into this design and unfortunately it was discontinued just yesterday due to the fabric no longer being in stock or restockable. Sorry for the inconvenience, if there’s anything we can help with, please let us know.

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