5 Easy Upcycled Headboards.

February 9th, 2015 in All About Blinds

It’s almost time for the spring clean. Time for us to clear all the clutter out of our lives and start afresh.

When you think of up-cycling blinds, what do you think of? Bet you’ve never thought of HEADBOARDS?

We’re strong believers of up-cycling, recycling and reusing here at Blinds2Go HQ, so we’ve found some fab ways to give your old blinds and curtains a new lease of life. Better still, if you feel truly inspired but have no spare drapery hanging around, then these designs work just as well with brand new ones.

We’ve got 5 of the best projects from around the blogosphere for you right here. Get ready to feel energised…


The Pallette Muse has submerged fairylights behind a light, airy curtain.
She has used a wireless set to avoid having to leave the bed when it comes to getting some shut eye.
We love the ambience this combination creates and think a simple Voile works best to allow the light through.

design 1236http://www.dwellingsbydevore.com/2010/06/easy-canopy.html#.VND9CmSsXoE
By attaching a rail to the ceiling and the wall, Dwellings by Devore have created a simple canopy that adds so much elegance to your bed. Use a plain faux silk for effortless sophistication, or brighten your whole room up with a striking coloured curtain, such as these deep velvet or bright striped curtains from Tuiss.


Add cool headboards to your children’s room with bright matching curtains. And since curtains tend to come in pairs, you can be sure that they’ll be exactly the same to save any squabbling over whose is better. Personally, we think these Roald Dahl curtains work great for girls and boys alike, or if you’d prefer plain bold colours, they work great too!

DIY Headboard with Reading Lamps_thumb[1]http://madincrafts.com/diy-woven-headboard-from-upcycled/
This striking headboard from Mad In House is the perfect way to get creative with tired vertical blinds!
All you really need is a wooden frame and a decent staple gun.
Try interweaving different coloured blinds for a truly upbeat headboard.

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I know we said headboards but we just had to share this kitchen storage solution.

We absolutely look this idea from House and Garden. Too often we find ourselves flapping in and out of cupboard, hitting our heads on the doors when we only want to find the salt! Roman blinds work a treat, allowing you to see as much or as little as you like, whilst keeping your forehead safely away from hurtful corners. Just pop the blinds up whilst your cooking, and wind them back down when you’re done. Voila!

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