Pinterest’s Predictions for 2018: Sage Interiors

January 29th, 2018 in Home Improvement

The ebb and flow of home interior trends can be difficult to fathom for many of us, so it can be tempting to avoid them altogether. Well fear not, intrepid design adventurers, in this series of posts we’ll take a closer look at some of the trends predicted by Pinterest for 2018 and how they can make your home look amazing. In this first post we’re keeping it simple and looking at a particular colour that’s coming into its own: Sage. Dubbed by many the ‘New Neutral’, this gorgeously earthy shade brings a beautiful touch of colour to the room but is really easy to match with thanks to its understated tone.

Room by room we’ll take a look at how this desaturated and stately shade can look its best, starting with…

The Living Room

Sage is one of those ‘best of both worlds’ colours that will look right at home wherever you put it thanks to its neutral overtones. Creams and greys are a really good match, which is great news if you’re struggling to find a way to brighten up that modern, neutral look, and it looks particularly refined mixed with wood of all shades.

Roman Blinds

Washwood Sage

Roman Blinds

Foxglove Evergreen

You can combine lots of soft and neutral shades together with sage for a really natural blended look. We’ve finished off that look perfectly with our Washwood Sage Roman blind, in a room full of light creams, soft whites and subtle greys. On the other hand you can draw out the natural beauty of sage by layering together with a palette of vibrant green tones – the Foxglove Evergreen Roman blind from our tuiss collection is a beautiful example of how to add the perfect centrepiece to a room with this theme.

The Bedroom

Wake from a glorious night’s sleep surrounded by natural tones and feel invigorated and rejuvenated from the moment your day begins. The bedroom is the ideal place to let your creativity loose, since it’s your space and yours only, so why not experiment with some classy colour? Often home to wooden furniture, which is a great accompaniment for sage, your place of rest can be your perfect, nature-inspired paradise.

Roman Blinds

Sissinghurst Spring Green


Rosebud Moss

Notice how that Sissinghurst Spring Green Roman blind stands out so beautifully but doesn’t overpower the space altogether? That’s the neutral element of this colour in action, blending gorgeously with the earthy decor for a look that just works. For more of a centrepiece though you can tone down the rest of the room and introduce a bolder element that zings with vibrance. Notice how those stunning curtains, from our Orla Kiely House collection, command attention instantly. We only had to add a couple of other green touches to really draw out their beauty, it’s that easy!

The Kitchen

What better room to install some natural colour than the family hub? You can really go to town with the combos here, with dark worktops and fixtures, loads of opportunity for wooden furniture and complimentary green touches. The new neutral will both rejuvenate and restyle your kitchen and is superbly versatile, so can be an ideal choice to combine with both contemporary schemes or more rustic blends.

Roller Blinds

Sevilla Sage Green

Shutter Blinds

San Jose Premium Sage

Understated simplicity can make for a standout look when contrasted just right, and the deep dark shade of sage in our Sevilla Sage Green roller blind is a stylish example. The clean white surroundings make for a cool and straightforward palette, from which the rich green fabric bursts with colour. It still doesn’t look out of place though, that’s the beauty of sage’s neutral element. Our San Jose Premium Sage shutter blinds, on the other hand, have been used to much more bold and commanding effect. The presence of dark wood shades and warm colours combine with the sage for a poised look that’s breathtakingly elegant and cossets this kitchen in rustic charm.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is the perfect home for clean, bright colour themes. From glossy white tiling and panelling to light wooden touches, or through a darker palette with stark and tonal shades, what’s often forgotten is a splash of colour. Well thanks to the neutral element in this year’s new trend you can have that too, without losing that classy, clean look you love.

Roller Blinds

Valencia Apple

Top Down / Bottom Up Duo Blinds

DuoShade Zinc

The two very different looks above both draw from the natural beauty of green, playing on the sage theme from both lighter shades and darker ones. The Valencia Apple roller blind focuses the look of a dark theme, adding a lightness of touch that livens the room effortlessly and beautifully. The Duoshade Zinc Top Down / Bottom Up Duo blind on the other hand is a study in understated class. The sage tone is so subtle that at first glance it may go unnoticed, but that slight touch of freshness lifts the grey and makes for a gorgeous contrast with the bright, stark surroundings.

The boffins behind Pinterest are convinced that this ‘new neutral’ is going to be a huge hit this year, and frankly we’re not surprised. It’s classy, restrained and strikes the perfect balance between vibrant hue and muted tone. You can check out our own Pinterest board for sage right here.

If you’re inspired to add a touch of natural beauty to your home this year then we’ve got a huge selection of gorgeous window dressings that celebrate greenery in all its shades. Click here to check out our blinds collection, and here to take a look through our curtains.

Check out our blog page over the coming weeks too, as we’ll be taking a look at some of 2018’s other predicted trends in interior decor and home furnishings.

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