Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 7 & 8

May 25th, 2013 in Home Improvement

And here they are, our tips 7 and 8 for a clean and spring-like home…

7 – All aboard the big ship ‘Clean’!

Get everyone involved! It’s probably quite unlikely that you’re the sole maker of the mess and creator of the dirt…so why not get all the culprits involved? Particularly any chaos creating kids that you may have.

Tasks kids will love include anything involving a pressure washer, things they can ‘spray and wipe’ and definitely blasting round with the hoover. Tasks to avoid are anything involving vague notions of ‘tidying’!

Lego man

8 – An organised cleaner is a quicker cleaner!

Not that we’re encouraging you to put off the big spring clean ….. but have you considered how much quicker you would be if you had a handy box to carry round all the cleaning equipment? Just a thought! We quite like this one….

Housekeeper box

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One thought on “Top 10 spring cleaning tips – 7 & 8

  1. I showed my youngest son the photo of a lego man cleaning as above in an attempt to get him to help me spring clean my house, told him that lego man also spring cleans….he ended up taking out boxes of lego for playtime instead haha!

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