Taking Shutters To Another Level

March 13th, 2017 in All About Blinds

We’re blown away with the ways in which our customer do more than just shade their windows with Blinds 2go, and this week we received an email about something we’d never think about doing…

David got in touch to show off his handy work. He’s fitted our lovely San Jose Shutter Blinds to cupboards in the attic. A little out there you would think, but the reasoning behind it is quite clever. You see, David was worried about damp in his cupboard, so needed a way to allow them to breathe, whilst still keeping everything hidden.

Pretty neat, huh?

Have you done anything similar? Used a roller blind as a projector screen? Curtains around a four poster bed?
Let us know in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “Taking Shutters To Another Level

    • Hi Margaret!
      The easiest, safest and most practical blind for a doorway in general and certainly a sliding door would be vertical blinds, either fitted inside or outside the door recess.

  1. Hello blinds 2 go, I am looking to buy a roller blind for my kitchen window. The recess measures 2313mm by 1020mm. I like Dakarai spice fabric. Which way would the stripes have to go and would there be any kind of join, also I would like a no sew bar at the bottom. Looking forwar to your advise.

    • Hi Susan, the design is vertical stripes so that’s how they’d run and there wouldn’t be a join, even at that size. As for the bottom bar, we only finish to one standard for this range (which you can get some idea of by looking at the online images) and though I’m not 100% sure what your comment about the bottom is regarding, I can confirm that we aren’t able to make any kind of tailored or bespoke design for the bottom.

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