Take one blind :: Girona Dapple White Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

April 16th, 2010 in All About Blinds

Windows in bathrooms beg for blinds and ideally the blind needs to be waterproof and also offer privacy through blackout. Let me introduce you to the Girona Dapple White Rigid PVC Vertical Blind which ticks all the boxes.Girona Dapple White Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

The Girona blind also benefits from innovative styling, the vertical vanes hang perfectly straight without the need for weights or chains at the bottom. This streamlined design makes cleaning and dusting so easy.

What’s more this blind is white with a light dimpled texture giving a clean and fresh look. Bathrooms and the colour white are a natural partnership, take a look at some of the lovely items below and for further inspiration check out these companies that specialise in white, The White Company or The White Cottage Company.

To view the complete range of Rigid PVC blinds just click here.

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  1. I’m desperately looking for the Wave Soap Dish pictured on this page! I wonder if you can help me source one at all? One of my two-year old twin nieces dropped and smashed the one where I’m staying. If you can help I will be eternally grateful! Jason

    • Hi Jason. Heals did stock the dish at one point but it doesn’t look like they do any more and I can’t seem to see it anywhere else. You may be out of luck.

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