Best thermal energy saving blinds for keeping warm

Some things really do work and hanging a thermal energy saving blind at the window will definitely keep you and your room warmer. I have personal knowledge of this having just hung a Duoshade Biscuit Energy Saving Blind at my window! The window is in the kitchen, it’s large, single […]

Warm & Cosy roman blinds

Despite it being unseasonably hot I still thought I would draw you attention to our new collection of woven roman blinds. These blinds really are just the thing for cosying up with. The woven collection features spots, stripes and florals too in both neutral and more colourful colourways. Featuring a […]

Winter window blinds at Blinds 2go :: let’s get frosty and shimmery

We warmed you up earlier in the week with thoughts of Christmas and cosy evenings around the Christmas tree. Of course the reality is that all that’s a few weeks away and at the moment, let’s face it we are all trying to adjust to the cold, the frost and […]

New blinds :: Thermal Plus roller blinds

Just in time for the cold months we are excited to launch our range of Thermal Plus roller blinds. This energy saving range of roller blinds actually reflect up to 78% of the heat back into the room rather than letting it escapeĀ  through the window area. (Windows are much […]

Keeping warm with hotties (hot water bottles to you and me)

Years and years ago a cold bed just wasn’t complete without a hot water bottle. Then along came central heating and who needed a hot water bottle when your bedroom was 25 degrees? Now of course the circle has come full circle and responsible citizens are turning down their heating […]

A nip in the air? :: Gorgeous casserole dishes

Here in the UK there is now a definite autumnal nip in the air. There’s an unmistakable, but hard to describe scent of cooler days filling the morning air. So I’m thinking, let’s celebrate what’s good about autumn, and the winter to come. Obviously my mind turns to food (woolly […]