web wonder

Web wonder :: Will & Glory

Will & Glory, gloriously British. If you want to fly the flag, whether it’s in red, white and blue or some funky slash contemporary colourway then you will love Will and Glory. Filled to the brim with British design the shop bursts with something for every room in your home. […]

Web wonder :: Nordic Elements

For hand-selected capsule collections of lovely things, all with a Scandinavian influence, Nordic Elements is the place. For the design concious family…. Choose to snuggle up under their linen bedding depicting a grizzzly bear and an aloof moose! Or maybe you’ll prefer the retro-graphic china or a pouf made so […]

Web wonder :: Vinnie & D

Vinnie & D is proud to be British and has a heap of brilliantly designed (and made) British products. Browse through a whole variety of things from simple stationery to lampshades, cushions, pottery and art. At Vinnie & D we are keen creative junkies, we are also committed to supporting […]

Web wonder :: Man Buys Present

Fabuuuuuuulous! That’s what we think of ‘Man Buys present’. Simply input a few key facts and this website will give you three top present ideas. From my few forays the presents suggested were spot on but simply ‘spin it’ for another idea if it’s not quite right. You can even […]

Web wonder :: Avenida Home

A little late for dressing your Christmas table but fantastic for brightening your table in 2013. Avenida Home has placemats and coasters galore and in the most beautiful and eclectic designs. Choose from funky animals to flighty feathers and lots more besides. The table is the hub of the home. […]

Web wonder :: Seek & Adore

Go forth to Seek & Adore, I guarantee you will have sought and adored! With a huge range of fantastic gifts and products for the home Seek & Adore really is a web wonder. Everything we sell is made by a real artist, each product tells a story. Meet the […]

Web wonder :: Biscuiteers

Why send flowers when you can send biscuits? Why indeed is what we say! What an absolutely brilliant idea, send a whole box of biscuits or maybe even a biscuit card. Wonderfully unusual and fantastically memorable; visit Biscuiteers for a very yummy time indeed. The business has grown enormously but […]

Web wonder :: Great British Designs

Everything on the Great British Designs website is designed and made in Great Britain. There are some absolutely stunning pieces and at a range of prices (from tiny to really quite big) there’s something for every purse size. All our designers have been hand-picked to ensure that we bring you […]

Web wonder :: Nest

Nest is ten years old. This modern design superstore is jam packed with furniture and lighting from all the big (and small) designers. Their new brochure is similarly packed to the rafters, with must-have products as well as helpful and very sage advice. So many lovely items to choose from […]

Web wonder :: Tea Pigs

Not a tea lover myself, but here at Blinds 2go there’s a whole tribe of tea lovers, from the man who stews his tea till it resembles coffee to the ladies that ooh and ahh over peppermint, ginger and green. For them, and all the tea slurpers out there, here […]