Enjoy Vision: Enjoy Colour

Here at Blinds 2go, we can’t get enough of Enjoy Vision roller blinds. We have them lining our office windows (we have very big windows) and it appears that you guys love them just as much. For the last few years, we’ve been building and growing our collection to give […]

Thermal energy saving blinds

Having just moved into a new home I have first-hand experience of the draughts that whistle into a room from an unadorned window! Even the best performing windows lose five times as much heat through them as the same area of wall. A quick and easy way to remedy this […]

Thermal roller blinds :: Get wrapped up and ready for winter

Are you feeling the chill yet? If you’re feeling a little bit less than cosy then you may want to think about hanging thermal roller blinds at your windows. Thermatex blinds will reflect up to 78% of the heat back into the room, rather than letting it escape straight through […]

New blinds :: Thermal Plus roller blinds

Just in time for the cold months we are excited to launch our range of Thermal Plus roller blinds. This energy saving range of roller blinds actually reflect up to 78% of the heat back into the room rather than letting it escapeĀ  through the window area. (Windows are much […]

White window blinds at Blinds 2go

Decorating with white needn’t ever be boring! White can be made to look any way you please. If you fancy clinical then it’s not a problem but add textures and plenty of off-whites and it’s easy to create magical freshness. When it comes to dressing the window area here at […]