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Why Choose Thermal Lining?

With a Free Thermal Lining offer spread across Blinds 2go and Curtains 2go, we thought now is as good a time as any to tell you exactly why thermal lining is the option you should be choosing this winter. We’ve cut all the jargon and are going to tell you […]

Blinds 2go offer :: Thermal blind savings

Beat the chill with one of our fabulous energy saving thermal blinds. Have a read of yesterday’s blog to find out about these brilliant ‘keepy warm’ blinds the not only make you and your home warmer but also lower the energy bill. It’s not too late to feel toasty this […]

Best thermal energy saving blinds for keeping warm

Some things really do work and hanging a thermal energy saving blind at the window will definitely keep you and your room warmer. I have personal knowledge of this having just hung a Duoshade Biscuit Energy Saving Blind at my window! The window is in the kitchen, it’s large, single […]

Duoshade honeycomb thermal blinds

In perfect timing for the cold winter spell we have just launched a collection of thermal energy-saving honeycomb blinds. (Otherwise known as Duoshade!) It’s the innovative honeycomb design that makes these blinds just so special. Each separate honeycomb channel is lined with reflective aluminium which traps a pocket of air. […]

Thermal energy saving blinds

Having just moved into a new home I have first-hand experience of the draughts that whistle into a room from an unadorned window! Even the best performing windows lose five times as much heat through them as the same area of wall. A quick and easy way to remedy this […]