Brill blogs :: Mr Bazaar

Finding a really great blog is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack! The search however is now over, for today at least, with the discovery of Mr Bazaar. Mr Bazaar is dedicated to bright colours and in his words he is unashamedly hooked on hue. The pastel […]

Springtime offer at Blinds 2go

Crocuses have already sprung and daffodils are ever so slightly peeping! With all this colour starting to appear why not add some to your home too? Think zesty and fresh, maybe lemon, citrus lime or sky blue. Not forgetting of course the gorgeous soft blossom hues and rich velvety pansy […]

Brill blogs :: Design Seeds

The Design Seeds blog is an absolute wonder. It features palette after inspiring palette of beautiful colours. There is a fantastic tool too which allows you to drag the ‘RGB’ sliders and find a host of palettes featuring a particular colour. For obvious reasons ‘artichoke hues’ caught my eye (its […]

All the colours at Blinds 2go

Each year Colour Lovers asks ordinary people what colour embodies that year. Last year red and orange hues were most popular with the people while the colour experts (Pantone et al) forecast in advance blue and teal tones. To have your say about colour for 2011 visit Colour Lovers and […]

Let’s Colour Project

According to Dulux ‘Grey is out, gloom is gone’. The ‘Let’s Colour‘ project is about re-painting grey spaces across the globe to transform lives and put a smile on faces. The blog for this project is outstanding, so many colourful images, check out the origami picture. Here are just a […]

New blinds :: Brightly coloured funky roller blinds

Wow! Here at Blinds 2go we have just extended our range of Valencia roller blinds to include some new funky colours. We think that these eye popping blinds will be absolute winners. We’ve featured just four of the new colours but there’s also pale yellow (think lemon sorbet) and a […]

Autumn home accessories :: cosying up with style

Autumn has most definitely arrived, the leaves are everywhere and heating is being switched on all over the country. We spend more time indoors during these colder months so it’s quite nice to give our homes a few new touches. I’ve been having a think and have come up with […]

Jewel Colours :: Big for Autumn interiors

Amethyst, ruby, emerald and jade. All the jewel colours will give an opulent and luxurious feel to your home. Layer the vibrant colours over a dark background for real wow factor. There are lots of accessories in the shops right now so cosy up with some cushions or go the […]

A splash of colour with bright lights and window blinds

Much of the time our customers are looking for a more neutral coloured blind so we don’t often get to showcase our very brightest blinds. I’ve cunningly solved this conundrum by searching for the bestest and brightest light fixtures I could find, and as you’ve now come to expect, I’ve […]

Pantone colour trend products

The Pantone colour system was developed in the 1960’s and is a way for designers, manufacturers and clients to specify exactly the colour they desire using a unique coding system. As the ‘owners’ of colour, Pantone are at the forefront of influencing what colours are hot (or not) in the […]