Summer of Sports; Get Ready For the Action

June 7th, 2016 in All About Blinds

This weekend kicks off a very exciting summer of sports. There’s the Euros in France, Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and of course the Olympic Games in Rio, and that’s just the start.

But how will you be spending your time watching them? A whole football team worth of fans crowding around a small tv?

As usual, our customers got us thinking. What if there was a way to make a bigger screen that could be tucked out of sight when it wasn’t need it? We know, you’re probably thinking, ‘how can Blinds 2go possibly offer me a solution to these problems, they’re not tech people’. We may not be techies, but we do know a good idea when we see one…

Last summer, one of our customers, Steve, sent us this snap of his new purchase:


He’d ordered one of our White Sevilla roller blinds to use as a projector screen, as part of his set up for an outdoor home cinema. Cool right? What better way to spend a summer’s evening than outdoors, enjoying some entertainment.

The blackout backing stops the projection from going straight through, whilst the blind can be rolled all the way up when it’s not in use. The best part is, since it’s made of 100% polyester, it can handle a little bit of drizzle if you get caught out by the Great British weather.


Got multiple games on at the same time? Double up and watch both at once!

It’s not just sports you can watch on the big screen though. Armed with a projector, you can tune in those music festivals you missed out on tickets or enjoy a film at dusk.

Like we said, we’re no techies, so we have no idea which projectors are best, and from where. That’s a whole other ball game (pardon the pun).

What we do know is making blinds that serve many functions. So grab one of these white blackout blinds, get your mates round and kick off your summer of fun with style!

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 13.13.45

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