Your Style: How to Style a Home Office

July 16th, 2016 in All About Blinds

So far, we’ve covered white wooden blinds, roman blinds and even conservatory blinds in this Your Style series, but this week we thought we’d mix it up a bit by focusing on the purpose of the room, rather than the blind type.

With the likes of Etsy, Not On The High Street and Shopify rising, so is the number of people who are venturing into selling their crafts at home. Artists and makers can now sell their goods online, independently, and reach plenty of customers from one page.

This calls for more of us needing a home office, if not for the freelance and one-off projects, but for us to work in full-time too. The beauty of an office at home is that it can showcase your personality, without you having to adhere to strict corporate guidelines. SO let’s have a look how some of our customers have kitted out their own…

Kerri’s Home Office

Kerri has opted for the sleek and minimal approach here. Uncluttered and unbusy, this space allows her to really get her head stuck into some work without getting distracted. She’s used our Arctic White 50mm slat faux woods with White cotton tapes to keep the room looking crisp and bright. The larger slat size means plenty of light can ooze in through the window.

Kezia’s Cabin

The cabin is finally coming today and super pleased after our blinds arrived from @blinds2go <3

A photo posted by Kezia Nathan (@kezwah_n) on

Located at the bottom of her garden, Kezia’s cabin has professional written all over it. She’s chosen a smaller slat for her Arctic White faux wood blind and it makes the windows look bigger, as well as creating a tranquil space to block out the world outside when Kezia’s after some peace and quiet.

Rachel’s Study

This is what we mean by letting your personality shine through.. Rachel’s new study is lovely and light, with the perfect amount of colour, in all the right places. It’s the perfect space to study, plus it’s incredibly refreshing to see an office with a little more pop, thanks to the Valencia Simplicity Bright Blue roller blind.

Arati’s Studio

Another bright and cheery space, Arati’s home studio showcases her talents as well as being a lovely space to make even more creations. She’s chosen our Soft White wooden blind with Linen tapes, with the 35mm slats reflecting the size of the smaller dashes of the wall pattern, creating a coherent look.

Your Style


Whether you’re creating a space to study, work or craft, we have a wide range of blinds to help finish of your look. And there’s so much more than white wood and faux wood blinds (they just happen to be our most popular products). Find your own style and share your snap with us on Instagram. Tag us using @blinds2go or use #Blinds2goMakeovers.

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