Gorgeous Green Blinds for St Paddy’s Day

March 17th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Green is our Head of Design’s favourite colour and since it’s St Patrick’s Day, there’s no better time to showcase our gorgeous greens than today!

The psychology of the colour says that green injects peace and harmony into interiors. So let’s find out more…

Green Roman Blinds

Green makes a fab base for patterns. From the fun patterns to the leafy designs, it’s such a versatile colour for pattern and shapes.

Green Roof Blinds

We don’t need to tell you that green is a natural colour. But if you’re worried about too much green in the room through furnishings, why not swap out the fabrics for foliage? That way you can introduce other colours too with plant pots and colourful flowers, and draw it all together with the blind.

Green Pleated Blinds

Since green is a restoring, harmonious tone, it can make a great colour scheme for children’s bedrooms. Remember to choose blackout for those long summer days, whilst our DuoShade blinds help block out some of the noise and are great thermal insulators too!

Green Vertical Blinds

And there’s not forgetting those doors leading out to the green garden outside. Green blinds help bring the outside in whilst vertical blinds are great for the bigger windows and doors.

Fancy adding a touch of green to your home? Check out our wonderful collection right here.

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