How To Refresh Your Home With A Country Feel

March 31st, 2016 in All About Blinds

So we started the new year thinking this one IS going to be different, isn’t it? You’re finally going to get that dream home, dream job and take that dream holiday. Who are we kidding?

If it’s something you’ve been saying your entire lifetime, and have already failed to push words into action in 2016 then Blinds 2go are here to help you break the mould. We may not be able to help you secure that hot property, but we can help you to create your dream home, right where you already are.

Who wouldn’t want to pack up and leave the big city behind, enjoy some peace and quiet, quaint cottages in quaint villages and all that fresh air.

And the country interior design? It’s just to die for!

Rustic Shack

Simplicity Linen Roller Blind

If ‘less is more’ is one of your life mantras, then a little rustic cabin is probably more your cup of tea. And it’s never been easier to recreate this style in the home. Just search Wood like wallpaper in Google and you get a whole host of websites and stores offering beautifully rustic coverings. And the laid-bare approach to flooring is once again all the rage. And for the windows? As long as it’s light and airy, the choice is yours.

For a truly rustic experience drop in some linen and natural wool into the decor and pile on plenty of wood.

Cottage Chic

The beauty of this look is that it’s all about the neutrals and the natural fibres. It’s so understated, simple and feels so pure. The interesting features come not in patterns or colours, but in the textures of each layer and each fabric.

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If there’s a few things this Country theme cannot be without, it’s linen, wool and even a bit of jute.

Farmhouse Home

Lubbesthorpe Curtains

With all of the high ceilings, exposed beams and the light that just floods in, the Farmhouse Home is all about the fabulous. Layers upon layers of fabrics, a mix-match of patterns and a touch of luxury in an understated way. The tall windows are dressed with floating curtains, each carrying a touch of pattern and falling all the way to the floor.

Team with knitted fabrics, wooden chests, a lightly patterned wallpaper and a whole array of pillows for a truly cosy space.

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