Refresh Your Home for Spring with Tips & Ideas [Part 3]

April 11th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Remember that vision you had when the conservatory was just a twinkle in the builder’s eye? Summers spent curled up alongside a good book and a glass of Pimm’s while the kids ran riot with a hosepipe in the garden.

But you realised it had all gone wrong the moment the mercury rose. You sat there sweltering as you squinted at the latest Dan Brown. Little furrows formed in your aching forehead. The kids’ squawking became unbearable so you jumped ship. Since then, what should have been the best room in the home has become a dumping ground for five years’ worth of knick knacks and tat.

Take Back Your Conservatory This Spring!

Well, we say “no more!” Take back that conservatory and make it the best room in your home, just the way you envisioned. Our EasiFIT DuoLight and DuoShade blinds will give you back your dream and here’s how:

No Sweat!

We’re not talking about how easy they are to put up (we’ll get to that later). We mean literally no sweat. In a nutshell, those little honeycomb pockets that make up each pleat are insanely clever at trapping air. That means, even when the sun is beating down they’ll keep the whole room blissfully cool and you can drink an ice cold Pimm’s at your leisure.

They’re Squint Free

Ok, so you’ve got two options here. Our DuoLights will get rid of all that nasty glare, no problem. They’ll also let in a drop of sunlight for a softly filtered glow; think Nirvana only nicer. On the other hand our DuoShades are blackout to stop any sun shining through. Either way you can complete your Sudoku in peace without shelling out on a new pair of Ray Bans.

They Look & Sound Great

Looking great goes without saying, we’re always ahead of the game with the latest fashion colours. These blinds though, these blinds are special. They pull down from the top as well as lifting from the bottom so you can move them around to your heart’s content. Make the most of the light or just make them look interesting, your call. Our DuoShades block out sound too so you can retreat to your safe haven whenever it gets too much.

They’re Up In A Flash

We finally got there. We can’t emphasis enough how easy these are to put up. You don’t need to wait around for an overpriced ‘professional’ to start drilling holes in your home. In fact, there’s no need for drills at all! They just clip into place in minutes, no fuss. Watch our video and see for yourself.

So remember, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can enjoy your conservatory again and it’s much easier than you might think. And to further add to your excitement, we’re offering you up to 20% off all of our DuoLight and DuoShade blinds right now! There really is no excuse, come and check them out.

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