Refresh Your Home for Spring with Tips & Ideas [Part 2]

April 4th, 2016 in All About Blinds

Remember those horrid days where you’d get up in the dark, go to work and come home in the dark? All you want to do is sit in front of the telly with a stuffed crust pizza from Domino’s (other pizza outlets are available) and binge watch multiple series of Homeland.

Dark days are coming to an end!

Well, thank whichever deity you prefer, those days are coming to an end and spring is on it’s way! Yay! And if you want that beach body in time for summer, you’re going to have to get yourself into the kitchen and start cooking up some fresh spring treats to revitalise your body.

But who wants to do that in a dour kitchen? Not us! Well, here’s the solution – a glorious selection of Scion Living designer blinds to brighten up the place.

They’re Designer!

Anneke Sulphur roller blind

Those guys over at Scion Living sure know what they’re doing. We’ve handpicked our favourite designs and turned them into made to measure blinds to die for. We’re absolutely sure they’re going to look quite fabulous in your kitchen. So fabulous you’ll never want to leave!

They Stay Clean

Blomma Kiwi roller blind

That juicer is a tricky customer. But even if that explosion of kale juice won’t come out of the carpet, it’ll simply wipe off a Scion roller blind no dramas. And you wouldn’t want to spoil those pretty patterns now would you?

Up and Down They Go

Berry Tree Mini Emerald roller blind

We know. We’ve been there. You need a bit more light so you reach over the worktop to open the blind and down comes the spaghetti and before you know it you’re head to toe in kitchen mess. Not a problem with these blinds. Our Deluxe system uses a chain and makes it really easy to operate. No more mess!

They Look Amazing!

Navajo Tomato roller blind

Ok, maybe we’ve already covered this but they’re so good we decided to mention it again. Not only are the designs great, the colours are fabulous and are bound to brighten up your tired kitchen. After all, it’s spring. Time to renew, refresh and reinvigorate!

Excited yet? We don’t blame you, so are we! Well, there’s no time to waste, you can take a look at all our Scion Living roman and roller blinds here and start picking your favourite. And if there’s more than one that takes your fancy, why not fill your house in wonderful Scion style?

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.43.01

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