New Beginnings: Spring Cleaning Week

March 16th, 2015 in Home Improvement

Today marks the start of Spring Cleaning Week, and we say out with the old, in with the new! Plus, there’s no better time than now to start your New Beginning and give your home a reinvention and life a rejuvenation than now. So join us each day this week on twitter for a daily tip for the great Spring Clean, but enjoy these 5 extra hints we’ve got for you here too!


Don’t forget to clean the skirting boards, light bulbs and those pesky little cracks between the sofa cushions. It’s far too easy to neglect them but having them fresh and clean can make a world of difference.

Time Yourself. This may sound like an odd one but knowing that there’s a stopwatch is a great subconscious motivation and once you know how little it takes to do something, you’re less likely to push it off next time.

Clean the windows on a cloudy day. The heat from the sun dry out the lass too quickly, leaving you with streaky results.

Can’t bear to part with your favourite top or dress even though there’s no way you’re ever getting back into it? Why not upcycle it into something useful but beautiful for the home? You’ll find lots of great inspiration on places like Pinterest.

Set a target for yourself on how much to donate to charity. You’ll soon find that you don’t like or need something as much as you originally thought.

Still struggling to find the motivation? There’s no reasons to put it off any longer! Print off a Spring Cleaning Week Checklist from the Internet – you’ll soon find the clean much more manageable (especially as you can see in writing how much you’ve already done). So grab your feather duster and find yourself in a whole New Beginning.

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