Spring Refresh: How To Make The Perfect Bedroom

April 2nd, 2016 in All About Blinds

We’re big believers of a good night’s sleep and know a thing or two about making the perfect tranquil setting for a little shut eye. And you’ll be glad to know that we’re here to pass on our wisdom to you too.

Colour Co-ordinated


Above: Balloons Flying High

Believe it or not, colour can play a big part on the way you feel. There’s happy colours, cold tones, moody hues and serene shades. And for the bedroom, you should always have the latter of those. Whilst studies suggest that blue is the best colour to help you drift off, relaxed colours of any shades may be all you need. Think pale creams, pastels and light greys.

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Feeling Cool


Above: Choices Harbour Blue

Finding the perfect temperature for your sleep can be hard, we know. You end up with the trusty ‘leg just out the duvet’ position until the mercury starts to dip and you’re left scrambling for the duvet in a half awake state later on. According to the experts, a cool, not cold or hot, room is best.

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Blocking Out The Noise


Above: DuoShade Taupe

Reducing the noise should be a bigger priority to all of us than it is. From disturbances in the night disrupting our sleep, to the sound of the air con swirling round our heads, it has to stop. Adding an extra layer to your windows could help, especially if you choose DuoShade blinds. Try swapping the aircon for a duvet with a smaller tog number, or thermal window dressing too.

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The Best of The Best

SO if you but all three pointers together, we reckon the very very best window dressing for a bedroom has to be this…

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