National Sleep Awareness Week 2015

March 3rd, 2015 in All About Blinds

Getting a good’s night sleep is something that’s easier said than done for many of us.

The National Sleep Foundation are at the forefront of understanding the importance of a good snooze and this year their National Sleep Awareness Week runs from 2nd to 8th March 2015 (this week!), in which they aim to tackle the problems surrounding lack of sleep in a 24 hour world.

Whilst their work focuses primarily in the US, we believe that sleeping is just as important over here and isn’t something that should be brushed aside too easily. We’ve mustered up some advice, so that you can get the most shut-eye out of your routine.

Creating the ideal sleeping space.

Designing a ‘Sleep-Friendly Bedroom‘ should be on the top of everyone’s to do list, and here the National Sleep Foundation have created a sure-fire way for you to too.


Sleep health for your family.

In a recent study, by Blinds2Go, it was found that bedtime was indeed the biggest stress that many parents faced. Blinds 2go Head of Design, Leah Brandwood offered sound recommendations to parents struggling to get their kids down for a full night’s sleep:

Creating the right environment for sleep is one way to make sure you child has less interruptions to their sleep pattern. We would recommend blackout roller blinds for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, especially if you live in a noisy area or somewhere which is well lit at night. Blackout roller blinds are also beneficial to parent’s bedrooms as well ensuring you also get sleep when you can.


Since then, we’ve been looking at innovative ways to get help everyone to get the most restful night.

Introducing the DuoShade blinds…

Here’s how they can help you to get an even better night’s sleep:

1. They’re completely blackout, of course.
(But if you did want a blind that lets light through during the day with the privacy of a blind then have a look at the DuoLight range (the only difference is the light control), and team them up with blackout curtains throughout the night)

2. They come in a range of soft and soothing colours, creating an environment that’s calming on the eyes.

3.  The honeycomb design, lined with aluminium, are extremely sufficient in energy-saving. They trap the heat in winter and reflect it back out in summer, meaning you get the ideal temperature all year round, as well as saving on your bills.

4. Finally, the honeycombs in the design create a noise barrier, making for a more peaceful room.

Take a look at our collection of DuoShade Blinds here and find out just how good they are for yourself.


We’re also sharing a Sleep Tip each day this week over on our Facebook page, helping you to get the best night’s rest you possibly can, each and every night.

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