Secret Santa – The Right Way To Do It

November 30th, 2014 in The Best of the Rest

If your workplace is anything like Blinds 2go HQ, you’ll be delving into the yearly madness that is Secret Santa.

Admittedly, we got a little too excited and dished out all the names about two weeks ago – what can I say? It’s that Tinselitus striking again! – but we’ve waited a little to bring you our quick guide to the do’s of Secret Santa.

Get Involved

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We won’t ask you to name names, but there’s always that one person who is adamant that Secret Santa is not their idea of a fun Christmas.

We understand that it can be daunting sometimes, especially if you get the new guy that’s just started and you haven’t had time to ask him 20 questions to find out what he likes, but it’s part of getting into the spirit of things and having a laugh with your colleagues so don’t be scared, get involved and have some fun!

Know Your Mark


You might be lucky enough to draw the name of one of your best buddies, but just in case you don’t, be sure to get an idea of the hobbies an interests of the person you choose.

If you’ve heard that Hannah is a massive fan of fly-fishing, why not find out a little more about it to get her an awesome gift that she’ll appreciate rather than the generic box of chocolates or smelly bath stuff?

Stick to the Limits


Even if Joe is your best mate and you want to spoil him, try your best to stick to the agreed limit when it comes to Secret Santa gifts.

He might love the £30 gift you buy him but the rest of the office are bound to feel a little awkward when everyone else is faced with their £10 presents.

Have Fun!

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Gifts that bring a smile to people’s faces always go down a storm, so make sure you don’t leave your sense of humour at the door when it comes to buying your Secret Santa.

Christmas is a time to get together and be merry – so keep that in mind and spread the joy!

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