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November 11th, 2014 in All About Blinds

UPDATE: Our roman blinds now come with a Deluxe Perfect Raise headrail and endless loop sidewinder control system as standard! Sounds complicated? Check back this Sunday and we’ll tell you all about it! And if you really can’t wait, visit our roman blinds page where you’ll be able to see just what we mean.


One of the most commonly asked questions we get is about our roman blinds.

As there are so many variations of the mechanisms used to raise and lower these blinds, you don’t always know exactly what it is that you’re getting.

Thanks to Mary-Ann for bringing it to our attention – here’s a quick guide to our roman blind mechanism!

Mary-Ann asked:

“Do your roman blinds come with a cord or a chain to lift them?”


We answered

All our roman blinds come with a cord lock mechanism.

The answer alone may not be overly helpful, so we thought’s we’d add a couple of pictures to show you exactly what we mean.

All our roman blinds are supplied with a nylon cord-lock system that is positioned just behind the fabric to keep it hidden and out of view.


These mechanisms also lock automatically when you use them, meaning that you can have the raised half way and held in place without the need for a cleat.

However, if you have young children we do still supply a safety cleat that allows you to keep the cord secured safely out of reach.


If you’d rather have a continuous chain, we are able to check the availability of an upgrade for you – if you give us a call and let us know which material you’re interested in and the size of your blind, we’ll certainly check with production and see if we’re able to offer you one of our deluxe perfect-raise mechanism upgrades.


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20 thoughts on “Your Questions – Roman Blind Control Mechanism


    • Hi there Caroline. I can see that we’ve sent you a replacement chain & I’ve asked Darren to send you the guide. Let us know if you have anymore problems.

  2. Hi there

    I have only had my Roman blinds up for a week and somehow the cords at the back have come off the blinds and rolled in to the plastic casing at the top. I have tried everything to get these back out and attach to the back of the blinds but it’s almost impossible to pull the cord back out of the small holes. Please advise on what to do

  3. Hi there
    My chain broke this morning on my roman blind. Do you sell replacements and is there an instruction manual on how to do it?

    • Hi Vicky, I’m really sorry we didn’t get chance to get back to you sooner, but yes we can help with that. If you drop us an email, or a direct message on Facebook or Twitter, with your order details, we can get that sorted.

  4. Hi, when lifting my roman blinds it only goes up half way. The chain won’t budge it’s like it gets locked into place. But when lowering it can go all the way down.

    • Hi Dan, as long as the blind was purchased from us originally we’ll be able to get this sorted for you. Get in touch with our customer service team with your order number or postcode to hand and we’ll look into it for you.

    • Hi Amanda, sorry to hear that but if you get in touch with our customer service team then we’ll be able to sort it out for you.

    • Hi Debra, that should be possible (provided that the original blind with the cord was from us), but give our customer service team a call to discuss the matter further as it’s not something you’d be able to order through the website.

  5. I ordered a longer chain for my roman blinds as we realised the one you originally supplied was too short but we can’t see to remove the bracket from the window to try and fir the new chain on. We’ve also had someone else come to help and he also said that he can’t seem to do it even following the instructions manual. We don’t want to pull it off from the top as it would mean having to fill all holes and putting new holes in. Help please!

    • Hi Nosheen, sorry to hear you’re having trouble but I’m sure we can help out. Your best bet is to give our customer service team a call when you’re at home with the blind, so we can talk you through some tips.

    • Hi Carolyn, there could be a couple of causes for this (fixable either way) so it would be best to discuss this with our customer service team so we can get to the bottom of it and find the best resolution for you.

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