Recycle Your Vertical Blinds

October 14th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Is it time to change those vertical blinds at your window? Are you looking to try a new style or just replace the worn fabric slats? Either way, you might not need to throw that old blind away just yet – we’ve got a few recycling ideas for you!

Recycle Components and Material


The fabric slats of vertical blinds can be unhooked quite easily so taking the blinds apart to recycle them is a quick task.

Most vertical blinds are either made from fabrics such as polyester, or materials like PVC and aluminium – all of which can be recycled  at your local recycling centre.

The headrails for the blinds are quite complex but if you can find a manufacturer or even a retailer that will accept your used headrail, they should be able to take it apart quite easily and re-use any components that they can.

Get Crafty!


Are you big into your make and do projects?

Vertical blind slats are the perfect choice for making woven crafts, such as baskets, shopping bags and even a headboard – there’s a great tutorial from Mad in Crafts that you can check out right here.

You can also cut the PVC slats down to size, spray paint them and create cute little outdoor-friendly garlands for parties and barbecues- why not leave them up as a decoration to brighten up your garden in the winter months?

Be Charitable


Charity shops, donation centres and even friends and family will always welcome a gesture of goodwill.

If your blinds are still in good condition, you can give them a quick clean (we have a guide right here to help you!) and pass them on so someone else can enjoy them 🙂

Resize for a Different Window


If you’ve got another window in your home that’s had vertical blinds on, you can always just change the slats around!

Providing the second window is smaller in size, you can use the slats you have and recycle the leftovers – you can also alter the drop of the blinds by folding the end over and stitching it down to make them shorter.

It’s a really simple yet effective way to give your room a good-as-new feeling!

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  1. Hi
    I need 30 replacement vertical blind slats in Sevilla Blackout Tranquillity Dove. (Tranquillity has two L’s by the way. You spell it with one on your website). Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a page where I can order replacement blinds. My measurements are: WIDTH 3.5 inches and DROP 77. 5 inches. Is there a way to purchase these please.

    Keith Towers

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