Recycle Your Aluminium Venetian Blinds

September 16th, 2014 in All About Blinds

Have you got an old aluminium venetian blind that you’re thinking of replacing? Unsure what to do with it once you’ve freshened up your windows?

Never fear, you’re in the right place – we’ve got a few suggestions on the best way to recycle that old blind of yours.



This may seem like an odd suggestion but providing your blind is in decent condition, selling it on (or even donating it to a charity shop) could be an option.

While made to measure blinds may prove a little trickier to sell on, there’s bound to be another window out there that’s at least a similar size to yours and, if not, there are plenty of people who are willing to pay a decent price for blinds that they can strip down and use for spare components.

So not only will you be Passing your blind on rather than throwing it away, you’ll also be helping someone else out 🙂

Garden Markers


This is a great idea for the green fingered among you!

If you cut the aluminium slats down into 5-6inch long strips, you can pop them into your plant pots- whether they’re out in the greenhouse or across the kitchen windowsill -and use them as markers to remind you just what it is that you’ve got growing.



For those of you who like to do your bit for the planet and be as environmentally friendly as possible, you can take your blinds to various scrap metal yards or recycling centres to dispose of them properly.

If this is the solution you’d prefer to take, please keep in mind that many places will not accept a full blind, rather just the aluminium slats themselves.

These can be easily removed though – if you cut the cords that thread between the slats, you should be able to pull them loose nice and easily, leaving them suitable to be recycled into something new!

Lamp Shade


Are you the creative type? Why not try your hand at one of these stunning and unique lamp shades?

Stylish and smart, one of these would really brighten up your room and add a personal and quirky touch to your home.

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