Recycle Your Roman Blinds

September 30th, 2014 in All About Blinds

If you feel like it’s time to change those roman blinds but you’re not sure what to do with them once you’ve taken them down, you’re in the right place! Following our post last week about recycling your aluminium blinds, we’ve got a few suggestions that will help you out.

Craft Projects


Are you a bit of a busy-Lizzie when it comes to make and do? If your answer is yes, you can always use the fabric of the blinds for other uses around your house.

Create curtain tie-backs, cushion covers, table runners and even lampshades with the old fabric to put it to good use and keep a part of those reliable old blinds of yours in your home.

Charity Shop


While there’s no guarantee that a window matching your exact measurements is out there, it’s extremely likely that someone will be willing to customise your blinds to fit them in their own window.

Roman blinds are a popular choice and providing yours are in decent condition, there’s no reason that you couldn’t spread that good feeling and pop down to your local charity shop with them and let someone else enjoy them.

Fabric Scraps


Depending on the material and condition of your blind, you can cut the fabric up into strips or squares and use them around your house.

Drying the pots, cleaning the windows, washing the car, dusting your home… The possibilities are endless!

For the craftier ones among you, you can even keep hold of the fabric strips to use in your own DIY projects.


If your blinds are looking a little worse for wear nowadays then we would suggest that the best thing to do is dispose of them – as much as we love to recycle and reuse and encourage others to do the same, we understand that sometimes, you just have to let go…

… But at least you can give them a happy send off!

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    • Hi Gill, we wouldn’t recommend machine washing, but they’re easy enough to clean off. Add a little detergent and stain remover to a bath of warm (not hot) water and give them a soak instead.

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