Waterproof roller blinds – the solution has arrived!

August 4th, 2009 in Exclusives

PVC is most definitely the teflon saucepan of the blinds world. PVC will repel anything that you would want to throw at it. Water, dirt and grime, they are no match for PVC. That’s why when we launched the Blinds 2go Ocean range of PVC roller blinds there was much excitement throughout the office. The roller blind is perfect in so many situations and with over 10 colours in the range there is bound to be one to suit.

Ocean PVC roller blind in alpine whiteOcean PVC ebony roller blindOcean PVC roller blind in dove grey

A small selection of the colours available in the Ocean range

These blinds are genius in areas that are prone to dirt, whether it be from a child’s jammy hand or a mechanic’s greasy palm. To clean the blind is so simple, just a wipe over with water, will leave the blind looking as good as new.

PVC rollers are also a perfect solution for wet areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. PVC by nature is waterproof so it’s ideal for a window that’s next to a shower. An added bonus is that the high quality PVC also acts as a black-out blind, giving total privacy, no more being silhouetted to the street as you step out from the shower or bath! Which would you prefer? The piece of net on the left plus the associated mould or the streamlined modern alternative on the right?

Not a good look!Ocean spray PVC white roller blind

A Blinds 2go PVC roller blind would look a treat in either of these gorgeous bathrooms.

If you squint you can see the Hollywood sign!Um, um, gorgeous, beautiful bathroom

We’ve made a lot of claims so we really wanted to road-test these blinds. We put our lab coat on and started experimenting. Nothing too radical initially, we just sprayed the samples with water. See how the water droplets are totally repelled by the PVC. We also left a white sample sat in a vase of water for over a week. Another sample sat in a wormery for over a week. All samples came through completely unscathed.

droplet shotvasePVC sample sitting in with the worms

We can guarantee that you will be pleased with these PVC roller blinds. They are a great product for the more challenging places in your home or workplace. If you would like to view the entire collection please click here. If you have any queries please call our knowledgeable customer advisors on 0800 862 064.

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13 thoughts on “Waterproof roller blinds – the solution has arrived!

  1. Color variety adds up to the atmospheric effect. This new roller blinds will surely be a hit as the market always loves a trendy innovation.

  2. Hi Anna thanks for the response is there a number I can contact yourself on so we can talk as oppose to me putting it on your website for everyone to see. Many thanks Marcus

  3. I wont a shower in my bathroom but to do this i have to move to toilet which is a big upheaval. As an alternative would a waterprof blind over window be enough to stop water from geting in moira

    • Hi Moira, you would be able to use one of our waterproof blinds to act as a shower curtain to stop the water getting through. If you’re not certain how this would work then you can always contact us via telephone or send an email to help@blinds-2go.co.uk and our customer service team will be able to explain further or give you a couple of alternative ideas.

    • Hi Keith, you would be able to use one of our waterproof roller blinds as a shower curtain – we also have a range of waterproof vertical blinds that can be used as well 🙂

  4. I am buying a house where there is a roll top bath in the bathroom. The bath is free standing and has the taps and telephone type shower head with hose in the centre of the length of the bath, not at the end. The owner suggested getting a roman roller blind that could be fixed to the ceiling and pulled down when someone is showering to stop the water going everywhere. When pulled down, it would fall just inside the bath. a) Do you think this will work? b) Would the blind/shower curtain have to remain down for a long time until it dried; it would presumably go mouldy if it were pulled up before it was properly dry c) do you supply such blinds d) what would be the cost e) is there a choice of different patterns f) how would you wish us to supply measurements g) how long would one take to make? Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Sandy, we would do sell an array of 100% waterproof blinds and we would love to help. Do you want the blind to circle the whole of the bath or just fall within one side? Because of the roller tube, you wouldn’t be able to curve blinds around the bath but could guide a single blind into one side of the bath. This range of blinds are 100% waterproof and have some great designs for the bathroom: . The waterproof blinds repel the water droplets so it shouldn’t take too long to dry, but if you’d rather roll it straight up then they are very robust and easy to clean should you need.

  5. We are having a hot tub building and have windows and doors which need waterproof blinds. The floor and walls are like a wet room. We need some which don’t go mouldy as I expect there will be a lot of moisture.Do you have any you would recommend.

    • Hi Elizabeth, we have a fabulous range of robust waterproof roller blinds which should do the job nicely. They’re made from the highest quality PVC, meaning they’ll repel the water droplets and super easy to clean, should they need it. You can find them all here: http://bit.ly/1EVB3Nl. We’d love to recommend specific designs, if you have a picture of the room we will do our best.

  6. Hello,
    My son has just moved into his new home.
    He has an over the bath (normal shape) shower which is fitted on the long length wall. The window overlaps the bath.
    He would need waterproof ceiling shower blinds to protect the bathroom & window. Is this possible?
    How strong are these when fitted to the ceiling given the shower is used at least once per day?

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