Product Spotlight – Provincial Chic Pepper Curtains

November 20th, 2014 in All About Blinds


It’s that time of month when we get to show off our favourite products! This month, our Product Spotlight falls on these stylish and sophisticated Provincial Chic Pepper curtains and here’s our top five reasons why:

Lovely Linen


The gorgeous linen fabric has both a rough and rustic texture as well as a sophisticated colourway, giving this traditional material a modern, metropolitan twist.

Rich Texture


The white threaded detailing of these curtains is slightly raised, giving the material a gorgeously thick texture that you’ll just want to reach out and touch every time you walk past.

Timeless Style


Linens are an excellent choice when it comes to adding a touch of traditional charm to your home and these curtains are no exception – the only difference is that these beauties have a distinctly modern edge to them with their smokey peppercorn colouring.

Choice of Linings

b2g-choicespearl b2g-choicesblack







Whether you’re happy with a standard lining or if you require something a little thicker, we’v got you covered. These gorgeous curtains can be combined with either a blackout lining to keep the light at bay or even a thermal lining to help you control the temperature in your rom more effectively and cut the costs of your bills.

Classic Combinations


Use these curtains in a more neutral room to add a dark and sultry tone or in a room adorned with shades of grey to create a lighter accent. Why not try pairing them with blinds? You can from our picture how stunning they look when combined with our Tattersall Black Linen roller blind.



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