Product Spotlight – Shaker Cream Wooden Blind

September 21st, 2014 in All About Blinds

We love, love, love, this Shaker Cream wooden blind and think it’s well worthy of this months product spotlight and here are our top five (and then some) reasons why!

Versatile Style


With a rich, creamy colouring and a plain yet practical finish, you can use this Shaker Cream blind to create a myriad of styles in your home, such as:

  • Traditional and rustic – wooden blinds are excellent at bringing a timeless atmosphere into your home with their classic look and natural grains
  • Cool and contemporary – try combining this subtle shade with a more vibrant and bold decor to create a gentle accent in your room and add a modern twist to this beautifully organic blind
  • Rockin’ retro – if you’ve got a love of all things old and you’re channelling those 50s vibes, the straight lines and rich colour of this blind will help accentuate the vintage vibes in your home

Choice in Slat Size

shaker-cream-20-wooden-blind-35-3 shaker-cream-20-wooden-blind-50-3

Whether you prefer small and sleek or big and bold, we have a choice of two slat sizes to suit your needs:

  • 35mm – ideal for smaller windows, these narrow slats provide incredible light control and will help to brighten up your home
  • 50mm – thicker slats are a great option for larger windows as they fill the space beautifully and make the blind really easy to clean

 Perfect for Privacy


Whether your home faces the main road or is an overlooked apartment, this Shaker Cream wooden blind will allow you to keep your privacy protected and shield the view from the outside world.

Keep the slats tilted closed to keep your room covered completely or have them on a slight tilt to break up the view of the inside.

Excellent Light Control


One small tilt for man, one huge leap for light control!

If the sun pouring through your open blinds is too disturbing, you won’t need to shut them completely to combat it. Just one slight tilt will do, meaning that you can still enjoy a light, natural glow in your room without all the disruption.

Optional Decorative Tapes

shaker-cream-vanilla-20-wooden-blind-50-1 shaker-cream-vanilla-20-wooden-blind-35-1




If you want to add a further accent to these gorgeous Shaker Cream blinds to create a stylish and traditional finish, you can even combine them with decorative cotton tapes. The Shaker Cream & Vanilla wooden blind  is available in the same slat sizes, with the same fitting options and, as always, is completely made to measure at whatever dimensions you require it.


So what do you think? Is this the right blind for your home?

If you wanted to take a closer look at this stylish wooden blind, you can order yourself a free sample – whether it’s the 35mm or 50mm slats, with or without the decorative tapes, we can even send you a sample of each if you wanted to be thorough!

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