Pride in London 2013

June 25th, 2013 in The Best of the Rest

This week it’s Pride in London and the iconic rainbow flag will be absolutely everywhere. The first ever rainbow flag was seen at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade way back in 1978, two hand-stitched and hand-dyed flags were made, the design was an instant hit and is now recognised the world over. We can see from the photo why it caught on, it looks fabulous.

First flag

We had some fun at a recent photo shoot creating our own rainbow blind. The good news was that it looked fantastic, the bad news is that unfortunately it’s unavailable to order. We do however have lots of brilliantly bright blinds that will look sensational at your window.

Rainbow blind

Rainbow blind showcasing the Colours Venetian Blind Collection

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9 thoughts on “Pride in London 2013

  1. I love this rainbow blind, I have actually been searching for a multicoloured Venetian blind for my dining room – can you actually buy them?

    • Hi Chelsea,
      Unfortunately not at the moment, this is one that we had especially made for display purposes only. You never know though, we may start one day.

  2. I NEED these rainbow blinds in my life.. can’t find anything similar anywhere.. if you’re not selling, might you ~please share a guide on how to make our own?? PRETTY PLEASE with sparkles on top?? xoxo

    • Hi there,
      We’ll pass your thoughts on to our design team, although creating a blind like this can be very hard! The easiest way to create a rainbow blind would be with vertical blinds, as you can swap the slats around a lot easier, or a favourite over on pinterest is painting wooden shutters (although you’ll need a very very steady hand for this).
      Keep an eye out though, we will give it some more research and create a blog post in the future.

    • Ahh, I can’t have shutters in my space & vertical blinds defeat the purpose of “open for light on top, closed for privacy on bottom” that is possible with horizontal blinds.. I’m not exactly clear on why it would be so difficult, as regular singularly-coloured blinds exist, it should just be a matter of mixing them up before stringing them together, right? I’m actually surprised they haven’t been “invented” yet, especially as there are even ones with full ~pictures on them.. but I guess there might not be a big enough market for them anyways, hehe.. too “niche” rather. So I’m probably just going to buy some plain ones & try to colour them myself xD Thanks tho!!

  3. Hello, I am moving house very soon and I am in search of a multicoloured/rainbow of colours Venetian blind. I found an image of the ideal one on google which has led me to your page. Do you do such a thing please?
    The window is 117cm wide.
    Thankyou for your time, look forward to hearing from you,
    Kind regards

  4. I’m helping design a nursery, and these blinds would be absolutely perfect for the theme. Are there any plans for production, and sales?

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