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October 8th, 2015 in All About Blinds

When it comes to finding inspiration for a home, it’s decor magazines that we turn to. They shower us with ingenious ideas, pretty patterns and lots of aspirational accessories.

We trust them to show us the best and most fashionable and in turn trust them to deliver a solution when we hit a problem.

That’s exactly what Mrs Leach from London did. She felt unsure about how to protect her bathroom window sill from the damp conditions of the shower, located right next to it, and sought the advice from her favourite magazine, Your Home, on how to combat the problem.

And the experts at the magazine knew just the thing…


Truth be told, this answer is just a little outdated now, despite it being the September issue of Your Home magazine, because we’ve only gone and added even more fun designs to the Ocean range. Plus there’s more to come.

Most recently added were the Splash Geo Medley Blue, Ceramic Stripe Blue & Grey and the gorgeous Bubbles Blue.


And the prices actually start from a lot less than Your Home stated. Take the Ocean Alpine White roller blind measuring 40cmx40cm (the sizes stated in the magazine) and you can get it for only £19.95!

If you’re in the same boat as Mrs Leach then head over to Blinds 2go now and find your solution. Don’t forget it’s made to measure, made simple.

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