Hot Off The Press: Bathroom Beauty

August 6th, 2015 in All About Blinds

Who would have thought? Apparently August is the most popular time to spruce up a bathroom, or so at least the home design magazines seems to make out. It’s a bathroom beauty overload!

This month we’re featured in not one, not two but three magazines. Looks like it really is the magic number.

First off was Period Homes & Interiors, and even though the blind they chose to show was a fun, contemporary one, we think it fits in lovely around the other pieces on the page. Plus, it was all about the coastal theme and what’s more coastal than a school of fish?


Next, and we’re onto House Beautiful. It seems like almost every month these days that we’re shown in this wonderful magazine, if it’s not in a reader’s gorgeous home, then as part of an editorial piece. And this month’s is the latter.


In their ‘Bathroom Notebook’, which is the home to ‘new ideas and expert advice’, you’ll find us under a lovely red banner entitled Latest Trend!


Last but not least, we have Real Homes magazine. The magazine starts of with a feature called News Etc, which is their place for all of the hottest and coolest trends, products and events around. It’s spread across six wonderful pages and you can find us right in the middle.


Why not pop over to the site and take a look at the collection that everyone’s talking about – here


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