Our Favourite Colour is Colour of the Year!

December 11th, 2017 in All About Blinds

The Pantone Institute is a world leader in colour-trend forecasting, using its experience and expertise to predict fashions and trends in colour and design. Each year they predict a ‘colour of the year’, and that colour for 2018 is purple! We love purple!

Well technically it’s ’18-3838 Ultra Violet’, but ‘Purple’ rolls off the tongue a little easier.

To celebrate this rich and beautiful colour, we’ll use Pantone’s knowledge and experience to take a look at how it combines with others to create beautiful and inspiring patterns and palettes in our blinds.


Limosa Magenta Roller Blind

Pride Roller Blind

‘Attitude’ is a palette that describes vibrant, punchy tones. Above, the ‘Pride’ roller blind is an unashamed celebration of vivid colour. You can easily see how the combination of deep reds, purples and golden hues interlock for a stunning, eye-catching effect.

The ‘Limosa Magenta’ pattern takes a more studied approach, packeting those punchy colours against a neutral background. A theme like this is excellent for picking out a variety of colour highlights around the room, so it’s a breeze to match into your decor.


Cavendish Mulberry Roman Bind

Berry Tree Mini Plum Roman Blind

All that attitude a little too intense? Perhaps the ‘Quietude’ palette can calm things down a little, with its natural, muted tones.

The Berry Tree Mini pattern shows how those hues can be brought together really tastefully. There’s a stately earthiness to this colour-combo that’s both homely and vibrant.

You can still achieve stunning colour combinations with a plain fabric, if a pattern is too busy for your design scheme. The Cavendish Mulberry Roman blind above adds warmth and texture as well as rich colour and forms a great centrepiece without overpowering the rest of the decor.


Dancing Tulips Lilac Roman Blind

Gardenia Byzantium Roman Blind

Understated, pastel shades abound with this ‘Purple Haze’ palette.

This shines through with true elegance in both of these beautifully patterned Roman blinds, which combine soft lilac tones with summery green for a traditional, provincial look.

These hues combine wonderfully with greys and neutrals, so you can make them look perfectly at home almost anywhere.


Blooming Meadow Amethyst Roller Blind

Hadley Linen Blooming Violet Roman Blind

‘Drama’ really does describe the Hadley Linen Blooming Violet blind pictured above, with its dazzling pink and purple highlights. It’s a gorgeous combo of colours that really pops!

This palette doesn’t have to be over the top though – the Blooming Meadow Amethyst fabric shows a more subtle approach, combining a few clean shades with striking purple and gold for a great effect.

It should be obvious to anyone who uses our site that purple is by far our favourite colour, and hopefully we’ve been able to show above in some small part just why that is – and we hope you love it as much as we do. The Pantone Institute says “Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance.”

But we don’t like to brag about that. OK Maybe a bit.

You can take a look at our whole range of ‘enigmatic’ and ‘artistic’ purple blinds right here, and our curtain collection here.

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