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August 10th, 2014 in The Best of the Rest

This weekend, we want to introduce you to our latest web-wonder, ohhdeer.com

We’ve been perusing their wares for a while now, getting our Christmas wish-list ready nice and early and finding some weird and wonderful treats for our friends and family as well as kitting ourselves out with some unique and quirky clothes for our summer holiday.

Zhu Mog

Wild Magic






If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a sale on at the moment with some great discounts- have we mentioned that their whole stationery range is currently on a clear-out offer? We’ve already grabbed ourselves a few funky notepads!

Lion Bum Mug Micro Cubebot Howard Notebook







We could wax lyrical about how amazing Ohh Deer’s products are all day, so we thought we’d give you the top three items that have made our wish-list to give you an idea of what sort of thing you can expect from their amazing site.

Coffee Talk Cushion

By David Olenick

Coffee Talk Cushion

Bright and bold with a cute illustration, this Coffee Talk Cushion reminds us of the (sad but true!) fact that here at Blinds 2go, we don’t own the coffee machine- the coffee machine owns us.

Poppy Peacebom

By Seedbom

Poppy Peacebom

Do you wish that gardening was a little more fun? Then this is the product for you! Shaped like a grenade, this cute little seeder is easy to use- just soak it in water, throw it into your garden (preferably where there’s plenty of dirt and light) and watch as the flowers grow!
This Poppy Peacebom is perfect for use this time of year- providing it’s launched by October, the poppies will flower next year, giving you a fun story to tell everyone when they’re admiring your gorgeous blooms.

Peacock Butterfly Necklace

By Ladybird Likes

Peacock Butterfly Necklace

Give your outfit a flash of colour and style with this stunning and detailed Peacock Butterfly necklace. Perfect for jazzing up a more casual outfit or adding a unique and glamorous touch to your look when you hit the town, this necklace is simply stunning- and they offer a whole range of fluttery friends for you to chose from!

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