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July 22nd, 2016 in All About Blinds

If you’ve wandered over to Curtains 2go recently, you may have noticed it’s gone through a few changes. Don’t worry though, it’s all for the better. And to put your mind at ease, we’ve rounded up all the information you need as to what has changed, and what’s stayed exactly the same… Shall we get started?

So what’s changed?

You may have remember that we did make a few tweaks when the new Blinds 2go website went up too. There was a new menu bar, new buttons, and an all-round nicer experience. That’s all still there, so using the site should be no difference at all.

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What you will notice though is the lovely new images. Gone are all of the old ones, and they’ve been replaced with shiny, new, inspirational snaps. They showcase the curtains a lot better, and hopefully will inspire your redecorations too.  Just look at the Florence Burgundy curtains above. On the left is the old, on the right is the new. Neat, huh?
Now, you can zoom into the fabric shot too. So you can get a close up view of the texture on your screen and can really find your perfect curtains with ease.

Are they all still the same curtains?

Part of the motivation for the change is that we felt Curtains 2go had become a little adhoc- until now, we’d never really viewed the collection as a whole. It was a little too mish-mash. So we had a look at the numbers, at the fabrics altogether and got rid of anything we felt wasn’t quite us anymore. Things that we may have used to love, but have now fallen out of fashion. Things that we know we could source better alternatives. That kind of thing.

n-amazonia-vibrant-orange-36-curtain-1 (1)

I’m looking for a particular collection but can’t find it…

When we went through the rebrand back at the start of the year, we knew we had one very simple message in mind- Made to measure, made simple. We’re still figuring out the fate of some of the collections, but in the meantime, they’re gone… Ready mades, bordered curtains. We’re still working on a whole new collection of voiles and sheers, but for now, they’re gone too (there were only three of them though). But trust us when we say, it’ll be worth the wait.

That’s a lot less products then?

Absolutely not! We’ve actually brought in over 200 stunning new curtains, with over 100 more waiting in the pipeline (they’re almost ready to be unveiled to the world, so keep an eye out).

n-mila-amethyst-55-curtain-1 (1)

I’ve just received a sample of one of the curtains that’s since been taken off the site and I love it. Can I still order it?

Whilst we hope you’ll find something you love in our new and improved range, if you’ve got your heart set on one of the older ones, we’ve got you covered. Rather than completely wiping them from the face of the Earth, those curtains have been moved to a super secret place for a little time. Only our lovely customer services team have access to them, so you’ll have to give them a call to order. They won’t be there forever though, so don’t hang about. Obviously any that are out of stock you won’t be able to order though.


I have another question that’s not covered here…

We hope we’ve covered most of the basics but if you have anything else to ask, then not a problem! Just comment below and we’ll comment right back with an answer.

Why not hop on over to Curtains 2go and take a look for yourself?

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