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March 11th, 2010 in All About Blinds

Sometimes a vertical blind is the only solution, think large patio windows and verts are the natural answer. Let us introduce rigid vertical blinds which are a modern take on a traditional favourite.

These blinds give a very modern streamlined look at the window, this is partly down to the rigidity of the vanes but also because there are no weights and chains at the bottom of the slats. If you like the minimalist look then this really is the blind for you. Of course the lack of chain is a great safety benefit for children and pets as there’s no risk of entanglement.

The rigid slats are as durable and robust as they come, this is particularly important if they are to be used next to a walk way where there’s a risk of them getting knocked. (It’s unlikely, but if a slat is damaged then the slat can be replaced quickly and easily.)

Finally the vanes are blackout and also 100% waterproof so great for bathrooms or kitchens or for giving a quick wipe down.

We have a large range of natural and neutral colours in both matt and also textured variations. These blinds may just be thing that you were looking for!

Avila Magnolia Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

Avila Magnolia Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

Avila Beige Rigid PVC Vertical Blind closeAvila White Rigid PVC Vertical BlindGirona Dapple Beige Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

Avila Beige Rigid, Avila White Rigid and Girona Dapple Beige Rigid

Girona Dapple White Rigid PVC Vertical BlindGirona Dapple Ice Rigid PVC Vertical BlindAvila Cream Rigid PVC Vertical Blind

Girona Dapple White Rigid, Girona Dapple Ice and Avila Cream Rigid

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22 thoughts on “New blinds :: Rigid vertical blinds

    • Thank you for getting in touch. Here at Blinds 2go we only supply blinds to our customers and do not offer a measuring or installation service. Please phone free on 0800 862 0464 to talk to one of experienced customer service staff who will be pleased to talk you through measuring and fitting.

  1. I actually like the look of vertical blinds, but I find that the often get caught up in themselves and in no time can look shabby. Any solutions for this would be welcomed.

    • Hi there. Take a look at our Rigid PVC blinds, they have no chains to get tangled. They are also very esay to keep clean so will look pristine for a very long time indeed. I hope that this helps, for more advise our customer services team on 0800 862 0464 will be more than happy to help. Best regards. Anna

  2. Oh yes The vertical blind is a practical solution for many areas within the home. The tracking systems and the variety of finishes makes them an attractive solution for many homemakers.

  3. Do you ship to Malta im in need of 10 blinds if you ship how much would it cost me please, my mobile no is +35699990204

    Thank you

    • Hi Adrian. I have asked our Customer Services Manager to contact you directly regarding shipping to Malta.
      For our other customers who may also be interested Ian’s reply was as follows.
      We typically do not ship our products abroad and concentrate on delivering only within the UK. However we have in the past had customers in Malta who have purchased our products and have arranged their own shipping. If you let us know the order details (type of blind, colour and sizes) we can let you know the packaging dimensions and weight so you can get quotes from shipping companies to transport the blinds to your Malta address.

  4. Hi
    Can the “rigid” blinds fit into my existing rails etc that i have for fabric blinds?
    I ask, as if so, all i will require are the blinds and no rails chains, cords etc

    • Hi Jan

      Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately the clips in the rail are different for rigid louvres on a vertical blind, they are similar to a clothes peg and grip around the slat itself rather than the hook and hoop arrangement that is used for fabric louvres. This would mean that you would need a complete blind if you decide to switch to the rigid vertical blinds.

      However as long as the current louvres that you have are 9cm (3 1/2″) wide then the rail that you currently have will be fine for any of the fabric louvres that we have in our ranges. If you see anything that you like (and please use the free sample service so you can see the fabrics in your home before you order), just count how many louvres that you will need and measure the length of the fabric itself (do not include the plastic hoop at the top), then call our office with these details and we will be able to give you a price for the replacement louvres by themselves, saving you the cost of a new rail.

      Best regards

      Ian Rowell

    • Hi Dawn,

      Unfortunately that particular shade is discontinued now. The closest shade we currently have to the Avila Magnolia will be the Arcadia Cream Rigid Vertical Blind. Please feel free to order some free samples to make sure you’re happy with the shade of the blind and do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further queries.

      Here is our full Rigid PVC Vertical Blinds Range

      Best Regards


  5. I am very interested in these blinds but when you open a window will a breeze cause the blinds to clash making a loud noise or come loose?

    • Hi Sally, thank you very much for contacting us. The blinds would not come loose when blown around. However, due to the PVC slat on these blinds they will blow around more than fabric vertical blinds. If you were able to slightly open the blinds when you had your window open, i’m sure they would allow enough breeze to pass through without too much disruption! 🙂

  6. Would it be possible to replace only the vertical slats.
    Ours would be 18 slats @5″x3’11”.
    We would choose Welwyn white.

    I wouldn’t be able to fit a rail. Thanks

    • Hi Petra, thanks for getting in touch.
      Our vertical blinds and blinds for Velux windows use different fabrics, so unfortunately they’re not colour matched. We do have an extensive colour range of vertical blinds though, so you should be able to find a pretty close match. Feel free to give customer services a ring on 0800 8620464 and they’ll be happy to help, or order a few samples and take a look.

  7. We want to purchase vertical blinds for our kitchen at the front of the house. Are the vertical blinds one way privacy as the roller blinds as we could then leave them closed but see out?

    • Hi Nikki.
      Sadly not I’m afraid, we only have sheer fabrics available for roller or Roman blinds, the vertical blinds are mid-weight polyester so you can’t see through them.

    • Hi Mel – we can do that, but it would be a special order so you wouldn’t be able to order it online. Just get in touch with our customer service team and provide the details of the order, we can send you a quote to complete with the details adjusted to wand control.

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