Give a Gift She’ll Love This Mother’s Day

March 10th, 2015 in The Best of the Rest

Whether you want to treat your mum, grandmother, aunty, neighbour, or someone who’s always looked after you, there’s no better time to show you care than Mother’s Day. And this year it falls on Sunday 15th March (you’ve been warned, no excuses!)

Here’s a guide to alternative gifts, that will remind her how much she means to you all year round, not just for the day.


Instead of picking up a measly bunch from the nearest Co-Op, give her something that lasts a little longer. Artificial flowers give the beautiful colours and shapes all year round, without wilting or fallen petals gathered around the bottom. If you’re after something more natural, then flowering garden plants are a great way to make them go further, and with them needing to be cared for and pruned regularly, it’ll give her a lovely little hobby to last through the years.

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In all honestly, how long do a box of chocolates last? How many of us like every flavour in the box? Chances are not long enough and not many of us. Give her the opportunity to learn the skills of making her own any time of year with a fun chocolate making class. Hotel Chocolat have fantastic Bean to Bar Experiences, but you can find a multitude of workshops from most experience-days companies.

HotelBeanas HotelChocolat

Afternoon Tea.

Why waste money giving her a gift that lasts just a few hours? Give the materials she needs to create her own Afternoon Tea in the comfort of her own home by inviting her friends over and serving fresh delights with a beautiful Tea Pot and Cake Stand. Better still, team it with other kitchen gadgets, such as a bread maker, a food mixer or a cake-pop maker and she’ll have sweet treats ready every time you arrive. They can be reused over and over again, and make for the perfect excuse to invite the ladies over.

cakestand Teapigs2013-23114


Greetings Card.

And of course, you cannot forget the card. We love the designs from Scribbler. They’re fresh and funny (and some can be rather rude). So don’t give here a boring old card, give her one she’ll remember.

scribblercard bearcard


We’d love to see what alternative gifts you’re giving (or receiving) this mother’s day! Share them on our facebook page or tag us on twitter and we’ll decide on our favourites.

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